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interior design

oxy fire Oxy Fire: The Summer Color Trend 2021 maxresdefault 1

Oxy Fire: The Summer Color Trend 2021

Oxy Fire – From love and passion to anger and aggression, red seems to wield a powerful, psychological power. Oxy Fire is an orange and bright red that is fiery, saturated, and guaranteed to spark a reaction. Join Best Design Books and discover how to bring summer into your home with oxy fire.   GARBO DINING CHAIR A timeless modern dining chair, inspired by one of the biggest and most mysterious names on the Hollywood Boulevard Walk of Fame. Features a velvet upholstered seat with a removable cushion, completed by a crescent low back that is handmade in brass, finished in plated copper. GET PRICE BELIZE MIRROR One of the world’s most beautiful coral reefs is located in Belize. Its unbelievable beauty inspired the creation of the BELIZE Mirror, made of silver leaf with shades of translucent black and red. However, what makes this round mirror unique is the polished brass details. It is surely a piece that will add intrigue to any entrance hall. GET PRICE   What do you think about oxy fire color trend? Feel free to comment and share! YOU MAY ALSO LIKE: Contemporary Street Style: Bring The Outside In How To Introduce Tropical Patterns Into…

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terracotta Why Terracotta Is The Must-Have Color For Your Interiors Why Terracotta Is The Must Have Color For Your Interiors 1140x297

Why Terracotta Is The Must-Have Color For Your Interiors

Terracotta –   Terracotta is here to stay! When it comes to modern style, designers are always looking for ways to warm up a space, whether it’s through texture, earthy accents, or rich hues. And it’s no wonder terracotta was poised to make a big entrance, it’s warm, creamy, natural, rich, full-bodied and it can complement many interior design styles. Today, Best Design Books is going to tell you everything you need to know about this color and how to style it! Take a look:   Terracotta is taking over the interior design with its rich, earthy red and brown tones that are easy to incorporate into wardrobes, and interior features. This armchair from Essential Home adds the perfect dose of warmth to any luxury living room. This color trend is now the go-to shade for chic inspiring interiors, home accessories and stylish soft furnishings, whether that’s on your wall, plump new cushions or a sofa. For a smaller dose of terracotta, you can opt for the Sika armchair. On the other hand, we can see in this bedroom that less is more when it comes to the decor, but “more is more” when it comes to color! Terracotta blends beautifully with any shade of…

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design ebook Download Now This Design Ebook Of The 4 Design Capitals  download design ebooks design capitals

Download Now This Design Ebook Of The 4 Design Capitals 

Design Ebook – Milan, Paris, London and New York are considered the 4 Design Capitals of the World. Home to the best and most well-known influencers, designers and architects of the World, these four amazing cities are always at the top of the design news and influences. Join Best Design Books and explore 100 amazing designers that work, live and made their career in these inspirational and amazing cities. DOWNLOAD NOW MILAN, ITALY Milan is widely regarded as a global capital in industrial design, fashion, and architecture! The roots of this major city in all of these fields go back to the 1950s and 60s when Milan conquered a privileged spot as the main industrial center of Italy and one of Europe’s most dynamic and industrial cities. Today, Milan is still particularly well known for its high-quality furniture and interior design industry. The city is home to FieraMilano, Europe’s largest permanent trade exhibition, and Salone Internazionale del Mobile, one of the most prestigious international furniture and design fairs. It’s also home to some of the most prestigious and exquisite designers and architects of the planet. In this book, we’ll present you to some of these incredible design personalities that are all proud to call Milan…

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raw materials Raw Materials: A Sustainable and Timeless Option for Interior Designer featured 10 1140x500

Raw Materials: A Sustainable and Timeless Option for Interior Designer

With the increase of raw materials and the emergence of technologically advanced surfaces, interior designers are left with plenty of options to choose from. This type of materials is becoming quite trendy due to their high-quality and natural beauty. They also have a timeless character to them and are rather sustainable to the environment and they will also grant the ultimate touch to contemporary decor, no matter the color palette or design style.       The notion of high-quality materials walks hand in hand when one uses raw materials. These are the foundation with which all artisans work, and above all, the context, they are irregular and rough and instead of being highly finished they are rather handworked and weathered. From marble to iron, coal, cotton, hand-thrown terracotta, galvanised steel, Baltic granite and natural woods, there are numerous raw materials that will help you create the most exquisite interior design spaces as well as furniture designs, lighting pieces and home accessories.       It is a unique aesthetic designed to engage all senses beyond the visual, for example, texture stone demands to be touched while raw wood has a soft lingering scent and patinated brass has a warmth that…

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cassis color Be Inspired by the Modern and Rich Textures of the Cassis Color featured 9 1140x500

Be Inspired by the Modern and Rich Textures of the Cassis Color

Today, the Best Design Books blog will talk about a very specific color, Cassis. This unique shade is a bit darker, it’s more sophisticated than eggplant but still colorful and rich in texture. Often seen in velvety pieces, the Cassis color can be considered to be gender-neutral and modern. All around it is a desirable fusion of pink with purple as well as a few hues of gray and this tone has become quite appreciate in the interior design and fashion industries.     Subtly graduating from crushed blackcurrant to rich aubergine, the deep purplish tones of the elegantly understated. A natural evolution from Millennial pink, as it continues the appeal of soft, slightly feminine colours, this hue will resonate strongest in Europe, the US and Asia-Pacific.     Psychologically, this hue taps into both pink and purple tones. With the moodier purple undertones, it evokes feelings of grandeur and decadence, due to its historic connotations with royalty.     Nature did not make it easy to dye fabric this tone and historically the production of this material in this colour was one of the most laborious, time-consuming and expensive processes around. Enter Cassis which is awash with pink uplifting the delectable…

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bathroom decor Bathroom Decor: When Art Meets Design  bathroom decor art meets design 6 1

Bathroom Decor: When Art Meets Design 

Bathroom Decor – 2020 is the year to make an artistic statement in our homes, including the bathroom. Adapt the style of the painting depending on the style of the bathroom itself. A piece of art can give the bathroom a much needed focal point. Join Best Design Books and feel in love with these bathroom decor ideas!   BLAZE MIRROR Blaze Mirror is a fiercely burning fire capable of accentuating any wall and stun you at every look. It features a round mirror made entirely from polished brass and designed with concentric circles. It is accented by engraved nail head trims along the body and a LED strip that provides a soft and cozy light for any ambiance. GET THE PRICE   KOI SINGLE WASHBASIN Koi single washbasin is the definition of artisanship itself. It features a patterned aged brass body. It features a large and squared Nero Marquina marble sink, also available in white Estremoz, Carrara, Guatemala, or Emperador marble. It is the perfect piece of design for a bold decoration in a luxury bathroom. GET PRICE LAPIAZ VESSEL SINK The Lapiaz vessel sink made of casted brass can be Gold, Nickel, and Copper Plated or even lacquered in any color. This irregular shaped piece…

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coffee table books New Coffee Table Books To Give As Gifts In 2020 a2711a5b0deee4502c289fdc02cf79e7 1

New Coffee Table Books To Give As Gifts In 2020

Article originally published on February 19, 2020 Coffee Table Books – Coffee table books are fascinating literary creations, part objet d’art, part photographic ode, and part book, that give insight to the interests of the owners.   THE RIHANNA BOOK From her Barbados childhood to her worldwide tours, from iconic fashion moments to private time with friends and family, the book showcases intimate photographs of her life as an artist, performer, designer, and entrepreneur. Many of these images have never before been published. This large-format book is 504 pages with 1,050 color images on 3 paper stocks and 7 single- and double-page gatefolds, 9 bound-in booklets, 1 tip-in sheet, and a double-sided, removable poster. RALPH LAUREN: IN HIS OWN FASHION From the author of Dressing the Man, the seminal tome on men’s fashion comes the illustrated biography of Ralph Lauren. Published as part of the designer’s 50th anniversary, Alan Flusser’s book looks at the life of the iconic American designer through the lens of fashion and cultural impact. This high-level, yet intimate, reflection on the life and work of Ralph Lauren shows how a preppy young boy from the Bronx created one of the most recognizable brands in American fashion. VIENNA:…

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classic blue Discover How To Get A Classic Blue Modern Home  discover classic blue modern home

Discover How To Get A Classic Blue Modern Home 

Article originally published on March 6, 2020 Classic Blue – Pantone’s Color of the Year 2020 is Classic Blue, also known as Pantone 19-4052. Blue is synonymous with depth, wisdom, trust. This time we are making it classic in order to transform your home in the trendiest way. Join Best Design Books and discover how to get a classic blue modern home. CAYO DINING CHAIR Cayo, an elegant and luxurious dining chair by BRABBU, has its name after the Cuban Cayo Island, a nature wonder with beautiful landscapes and an impressive green sea. ANDES ARMCHAIR  The grandeur of the Andes’ mountains is only matched by the surviving skills of the people who live there. ANDES Armchair is a mid-century modern furniture piece that pays tribute to this strength. With matte aged brass legs and covered in a rich cotton velvet upholstery, this accent chair adds a strong yet graceful touch to any home decor. BOURBON ARMCHAIR With origins in France, the House of Bourbon was a dynasty known for its class and splendor. BOURBON Armchair embodies this grandeur through its button-tufted inner back, rich cotton velvet, and ebony wood veneer legs. This fabric chair makes up any refined ambiance. MAREE SOFA The Scottish Loch…

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80s modern decor Travel Back In Time With 80s Modern Decor  travel time 80s modern decor

Travel Back In Time With 80s Modern Decor 

Article originally published on March 3, 2020 80s Modern Decor – When we think about 80s modern decor what comes to mind is big, bold prints and loud colors. Well, whether you like it or not, a lot of those loud design choices are coming back in a big way. Join Best Design Books and discover the 80’s modern decor that is back in style.   BRASS Though it may seem like you just rid your home of every brass accessory you were so excited about in the ’80s, brass is back. Almost everything comes back in style if you wait long enough. The interior designer Lee Robinson believes that brass is much more understated and luxurious than it used to be. PASTELS  Soft pastels were huge in design during the ’80s and ’90s, and they’re popular again but with a slight update. This time around they’re a little more sophisticated. POP ART Pop art’s famous bold colors and prints are once again gaining popularity in modern design. “With the decade’s love for bright colors, it’s no surprise that the vibrant, primary-toned pop art of the 1960s made a comeback in the ’80s,” says Laurel & Wolf. JUNGLE PRINT 1980s interior…

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