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Modern Contemporary Interiors Ideas is the new book released by BRABBU, the design brand that reflects an intense way of living, bringing fierceness, strength, and power into an urban lifestyle. They believe that reading is fundamental, so they wrote a book divided into four main chapters: the Modern Minimal Design, the Modern Contemporary Design, the Modern Classic Design, and the Modern Mid-Century DesignJoin Best Design Books and be inspired by this amazing book!




Each chapter not only dwells on these different design styles but also gives pointers on how to decorate your home, how to keep it modern and classic, how to best blend modernity with the mid-century style, how to fuse contemporary design with modern elegance, and how to keep it simple and minimal but still fresh.





You will have four chic covers to choose from, each representing a design style, however, the insides are all the same. We will give you a preview of the content you can find on this article, but make sure you get your hands on a copy!


Modern Minimal Design is the desire to achieve excellent interiors with the minimal use of adorns, having simplicity in form, space, materials, details and colours whilst still paying attention to these small details.

The Modern Minimal Style has shape prevailing over purpose: streamline shaped furniture, with stainless steel or chromatic details and wood, linoleum or stone tile floors. The neutral palette is king, ranging from white, beige, grey and other light shade colours.


The Modern Contemporary spaces have an open-space concept, with the kitchen merging with the dining or living room, or both dining and living room merging with each other. This results in an airy and comfortable living space, avoiding ornate designs.

Modern Contemporary has furniture with exposed legs: sofas, ottomans and chairs tend to feature bare legs and slim bases; showcasing also reflective surfaces like exposed glass and metals. There is also the use of natural wooden materials going from end tables with a metal base to rustic reclaimed wooden tabletops.


The Modern Classic style has the epitomized aesthetic of modern interior design melded with the simplicity that the classic style brings, with clean and striking spaces that linger in our memory.

The furniture of this style is a combination of modern and classic styles; natural materials are the bridge between the classic and the modern. They are the main elements in the classic design which crossed over to the modern design style.


The Modern Mid-Century Style is characterised by clean lines, gentle organic curves and adoration for different materials. This style consists of clean lines, where functionality is important, with slight ornamentation and the opposition of different and contrasting materials.

The Modern Mid-Century Design harmonizes the use of sleek lines with organic shapes, using new materials and methods to reimagine traditional products. The floor plans are created with a multipurpose space in mind, with a space fluidity making it seem like one division melts into the other; natural light is the fundamental key in this floor planning.



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