Modern Mid-Century

Modern Mid-Century architecture and interior designs were created by people who believe in a simple and still sophisticated design, where all forms follow function. Flat roofs and ceilings and asymmetric appearance, with the use of wide glass and open rooms, providing the outdoors atmosphere to get inside.




Modern Mid-Century products are simply well-designed objects with a timeless look, relying on colour to give it an interesting factor. Furniture designers use more exotic woods like teak or rosewood, mixing with other materials such as metal, fibreglass and plastic. It is an incredibly versatile style, allowing a total personalisation and customisation of your home.

Modern Mid-Century: The Chapter Of The Modern Interiors Book

COMO Chaise LoungeMECCA II Side TableOSLO Rug and ARMSTRONG Floor Light

The never-ending popularity of the Modern Mid-Century Style is based on many factors: this amazing style has got clean lines, soft organic curves, a love for different materials and designs.

Modern Mid-Century: The Chapter Of The Modern Interiors Book

Modern Mid-Century: The Chapter Of The Modern Interiors Book

NOAKI StoolMIRA Rug and BRYCE Console

Form follows function, with minimal ornamentation, an exploration of different traditional and non-traditional materials, and a juxtaposition of different, contrasting materials. This style also has liberal use of a vast range of colours, from neutral to bolds, and graphic use of black and white; it showcases simplicity and connects us to nature.

Modern Mid-Century: The Chapter Of The Modern Interiors Book

LALLAN Centre TableZULU ArmchairWALES 2 SofaCASSIS ConsoleCYRUS Floor Light and SIMBA Rug

Mid-Century Modern home sets itself apart from the others due to its straight and flat horizontal lines, an abundance of glass and large windows, in order to connect the outside with the inside, providing easy access to natural light.

APIS Dining TableKOBEN Suspension Light and DALYAN Dining Chair

They also have open, split-level spaces with separation elements such as free-standing cabinets, and minimal ornamentation, believing in form following function creating thus uncluttered spaces. Modern Mid-Century is unique in the sense that is driven by innovative, mass-produced furniture and accents, so if you are looking for a unique style for your unique personality, this is the style for you.

NIKU Pendant LightGOROKA Side TableOKA Armchair and DALYAN Counter Stool

Modern Mid-Century has clean lines, curved and smooth surfaces to create a minimised look – less becomes more. The heavy ornamented items of other styles are replaced with slimmed-down furniture in open spaces. Neutral coloured walls allow the furniture’ shapes and colour to top and take over the room – the texture is also very important.

KOI WashbasinKOI MirrorKOI Towel Rack and KOI Stool

The shag rug, rough stone fireplace, smooth glass table, sleek ceramic light, and furniture fabric all work together. Patterns emerge in abstract painting, pillows, and pottery. The wood and glass of the coffee table suggest the lines and shape of modernist sculpture. Using a few key items of furniture will really define your space and create a focal point for your room. Once you have that key product, the rest of the room will fall into place around it.

LANKA Bedside TableCALLA Table LightCAY Wall LightNAJ BenchGOBI RugNAJ ArmchairCYRUS Floor Light and MECCA Side Table

MAYA ArmchairSEQUOIA Centre Table and PAPUA Rug

Modern Mid-Century Style is appealing to everyone. Warm, earthy tones create nature-inspired interiors, with trendy colours such as pink, grey, turquoise, black, yellow, olive green, burnt umber, pumpkin and mustard yellow adding a touch of ‘life’ into the room through the accent furniture.

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