Design Projects

This ebook is the latest compilation of a fierce design. Here, you can find inspiration and creativity in these residential, commercial and hospitality projects. Also, you will be able to see how our products fill an environment, elevating the design and bringing a harmonised intensity to any place they are set in.




  • Artistic Project by Ananiev Interiors

The architecture and design studio N&G Ananiev Interiors was founded in Russia in 2002 by a family and creative duet – Nadezhda and George Ananyev. This was their first project in the USA and they were enthusiastic to share this experience and the results.

  • PTang Studio Residence

In the world of design, rare are the studios capable of such a wide range of work as PTang Studio. The following project is living proof that eclectic elements from different styles can create a cohesive project, using the space’s architecture and natural light, with extra help from BRABBU.

  • Luxurious White and Gold Open Space

Fully designed by the Vratika & Nakul couple, this fantastic house proves that with the right design and the help of the most exquisite brands, it is possible to create unique interiors tailored to your needs and taste. Rug’Society makes a statement in the living room and on the walk-in- closet.

  • Sophisticated Residence in the Italian Countryside by Diff Studio

Situated in the Italy countryside, there is a private home designed by Diff Studio, where luxury meets the contemporary and the classic style. Maison Valentina makes this house even more luxurious, by making a statement in the bathroom area.


  • Cococo Restaurant, Russia

Set in the old but beautiful city of St. Petersburg, Russia, the glamorous Cococo Restaurant offers a new concept of what is Russian cuisine is like with a surprisingly rich menu, able to engage all the food lovers, made from organic seasonal products bought from the local farmers.


  • Hotel Victor Hugo, Paris

Hotel Victor Hugo is a four-star Parisian “private property” located in the heart of Paris. Between the Champs- Elysées and the Arc de Triomphe, a strategic location chosen by the hotel stands a beautiful Art Deco Building. Inside, an inspiring ambience blends with contemporary style, giving its hosts the right vibes for a comfortable stay. The charming entrance of the hotel invites everyone to get to know the modern design of BRABBU.

  • Fairmont Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten, Hamburg

When this luxurious hotel was fully renovated, BRABBU’s Nº20 armchair was one of the top choices. A custom chair was placed in each of the luxury suites, matching its colour palette. Bright and creamy nuances contrast the gold, powder blue and light purple tones of those rooms.

  • Hilton Astana Hotel, Kazakistan

In the heart of Kazakhstan’s beautiful capital, Astana, Hilton Hotel is remarkable in its splendour. A state-of-the-art hotel, founded in 2017 is located near the best architectural monuments, such as the Bayterek Tower, the Palace of Peace and Reconciliation and the business district.


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