Almost everywhere in the world there are many people passionate about watches.A watch follow us wherever we go. There are watches for all tastes and wallets. Regardless of the value is a distinctive piece.

Over the past ten years, watches have become objects of desire and there are plenty of people willing to pay high prices to buy a luxury watch.  In 2008 a Patek Philippe watch was purchased by a collector for $3,4 millions.

Specialist in luxury items, more precisely watches and jewelry Fabienne Reybaud is a famous and very respected journalist at the French daily Le Figaro and writes a column of watches and jewelry. In the luxury watch market more each time there are new brands that are real success. To help you choose between old and new brands, Fabienne knows it and decided write a book that can serve as your guide, Watches: The ultimate Guide. The book is an edition of the famous Assouline, known for its luxury editions.



I suggest a look at BaselWorld, that takes place in Basel, from the 27 March to April 3.This is the largest, most expensive and most important trade fair for watches and jewellery.

Photos by Assouline