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new book

Ellen von Unwerth New Book Discover the Amazing Art Edition of Ellen von Unwerth New Book Discover the Amazing Art Edition of Ellen von Unwerth New Book

Discover the Amazing Art Edition of Ellen von Unwerth New Book

Discover the Amazing Art Edition of Ellen von Unwerth New Book – Ellen von Unwerth’s puckish humor pervades the pages of Heimat, an enchanted tour around Bavaria. The renowned fashion and music photographer revisits her childhood homeland to shoot a posse of gorgeous girls out for fun and adventure amid the region’s undulating fields; age-old traditions; and deep, mysterious forests. As they happily discard their dirndls and run riot across the countryside, von Unwerth’s heroines demonstrate the attributes and attractions of the region, whether munching on pretzels, striding out across pristine pastures, or seducing lederhosen-clad farmhands (and each other). Blending old-world charm with a rebellious edge and a sly subversion of traditional gender roles, Heimat bursts with fresh, provocative eroticism, tied up with wit, laced with an abiding love for a proud and beautiful region. Ellen von Unwerth worked as a top fashion model for 10 years, before taking up the camera and becoming one of the world’s most in-demand fashion photographers. Her work has featured in countless magazines, including Vogue, Interview, Vanity Fair, and i-D, while her advertising campaigns include Victoria’s Secret, Banana Republic, and Chanel. Von Unwerth’s TASCHEN books include Heimat, Fräulein, and The Story of Olga. Mark Schulz…

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photos of audrey hepburn Must-See Photos of Audrey Hepburn in New Book: Audrey The 50’s Mut See Photos of Audrey Hepburn in New Book Audrey The 50s 2 C  pia

Must-See Photos of Audrey Hepburn in New Book: Audrey The 50’s

Must-See Photos of Audrey Hepburn in New Book: Audrey The 50’s  – Step Inside The 50s with Audrey Hepburn – A stunning photographic compilation showcasing Audrey Hepburn s iconic career in the 1950s the decade that solidified her place as one of the world s greatest stars in film and fashion. Devoted to her most influential decade, Audrey: The 50s brings together in one volume the allure and elegance that made Audrey Hepburn the most iconic figure in modern fashion history. Photographed during the early days of her career, both on the sets of Roman Holiday, Sabrina, Funny Face, and other classic films, and in fashion photo shoots by top photographers who adored and immortalized her, these beautiful black-and-white and color images radiate with Audrey s waifish charm, ethereal beauty, and effortless style. See also: Stylish Reading Nooks that will Inspire You Renowned author, curator and photographic preservationist David Wills has carefully selected this collection of two hundred museum-quality photos that capture Audrey in her prime as never before. Audrey: The 50s displays this star at her brightest, and brings her legacy into perfect focus. Among the highlights: Rare and classic images digitally restored from vintage photographic prints, original studio negatives…

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New Book New Book:  Peek Inside 10 Downing Street Barack Obama and Gordon Brown in 10 Downing Street 1
Interior Design

New Book: Peek Inside 10 Downing Street

New Book:  Peek Inside 10 Downing Street – A fascinating and unprecedented tour behind the famous black door of the British government s headquarters and the Prime Minister s official residence. For more than three hundred years, “Number 10” has witnessed frantic diplomacy, tense cabinet meetings, the rise and fall of numerous heads of government, and decisions that have affected millions of people on every continent. And yet for much of the general public, it remains a mystery. This richly documented book charts the history of 10 Downing Street, examining the dramatic events and the personalities that have left their mark, from Robert Walpole in the eighteenth century to David Cameron in the twenty-first. Providing privileged insider access, specially commissioned photography reveals the majestic and sumptuous interiors of this stately monument. See also: Book Review: Once Upon a Chair… The walls of Number 10 have witnessed frantic diplomacy, tense cabinet meetings, the rise and fall of those at the dizzying heights of government, and decisions that have affected millions of people and every continent. And yet, for many people, the building remains a mystery. What really goes on behind that iconic black door? What does it look like? How have prime…

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New Book New Book: The Irresistible Pearl Necklace spread 4 1 1

New Book: The Irresistible Pearl Necklace

New Book: The Irresistible Pearl Necklace – The pearl necklace is an iconic classic, which has offered an irresistible invitation to subversive reinterpretation through the centuries. Renaissance queens, maharajas, First Ladies, and starlets from the Golden Age of Hollywood to the present have all made the pearl necklace part of their wardrobes, each wearing it after the fashion of the times or their own fancy. In The Pearl Necklace, Assouline and Mikimoto explore the legacy of these lustrous strands through fine art and fashion in a luxurious volume that reminds us why the pearl necklace has long been the ultimate object of fascination and fantasy. See also: Book Review: Once Upon a Chair… Jewelry historian Vivienne Becker is an award-winning journalist and author of several books on the history of jewelry design. Based in London, Becker is a contributing editor to Financial Times’s How to Spend It magazine, writes for newspapers and magazines around the world, and lectures and broadcasts on her subject. She organized and wrote the catalog for the first major exhibition of the jewelry of René Lalique, and curated Jewels of Fantasy, a traveling exhibition of twentieth-century costume jewelry. Becker’s previous books for Assouline include De Beers Jewellery…

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new book New Book: Legendary Sports Car Ferrari 275 GTB New Book Legendary Sports Car Ferrari 275 GTB 2

New Book: Legendary Sports Car Ferrari 275 GTB

New Book: Legendary Sports Car Ferrari 275 GTB – As far as famous automobiles go, a select few truly stand out from the rest. One in particular shook the collective foundations of automotive design and motorsport competition. Ferrari 275 GTBfollows one of these rare gems step by step through the restoration process. In-depth illustrations explore how the model finds new life under the expert hands of craftsmen whose passion it is to realize the rebirth of a car that marked an era. Produced only between 1964–68, the Ferrari 275 GTB immediately established itself in a class all its own, redefining workmanship with what has become an instantly recognizable Pininfarina coupe designed body. Famously, the 275 GTB/C was so avant-garde that it was initially denied entrance into the racing season, but Enzo Ferrari’s persuasion led to the model becoming a legendary sports car. Ferrari 275 GTB is a breathtakingly illustrated tribute to one of the greatest feats of artistry the automotive industry has ever known. See also: Book Review: Decorate your Home Like a Parisienne with Sarah Former executive director of the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles, and a Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance judge for twenty-five years, Ken Gross has been…

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Book Review New Book by Brazilian jeweler H.Stern  Book Review: New Book by Brazilian jeweler H.Stern Book Review New Book by Brazilian jeweler H 1

Book Review: New Book by Brazilian jeweler H.Stern

See also: Book review: Carrier and Company – Positively Chic Now celebrating seventy years of tradition and innovation, Brazilian jeweler H.Stern was crowned “the king of colored gemstones” by Time magazine. In 1945, Hans Stern fell in love with precious jewels. At a small office in Rio de Janeiro, he created what was to become the largest jeweler in Brazil and Latin America—and one of the most celebrated in the world. H.Stern’s first fifty years are characterized by vivid aquamarine, amethyst, and topaz gems, mirroring the vivid hues and pulsing energy of Brazil that German-born Stern found so fascinating when he moved there. Before his influence, the jewelry industry’s focus remained on diamonds, rubies, and emeralds, but H.Stern’s unique and striking pieces quickly made Brazilian colored gemstones desirable and valuable. Current artistic director Roberto Stern, building on the technical foundations laid down by his father, has led the company into the present, collaborating with some of the world’s most fascinating creative minds—from Tim Burton to Diane von Furstenberg to Grupo Corpo—to design spellbinding collections for the modern woman.   While continuing to emphasize Hans Stern’s value of craftsmanship, today’s H.Stern is defined by subtle yet daring and inventive pieces—the glittering results…

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Book Review: JEAN-LOUIS DENIOT’S INTERIORS Most Iconic Projects by Jean Louis Deniot 3
Interior Design


Jean-Louis Deniot is a Paris-based designer, known for his marvelous interiors that combine history with contemporary flourishes that is now perfectly illustrated in his new book. See also: Book Review: 100 contemporary concrete buildings Jean-Louis Deniot’s Interiors is the first book from the famed designer, whose classical interiors have been widely desired as the “epitome” of French style. Deniot outlines his richly layered look of deftly mixed patterns, textures and pieces, drawn from different periods but always combining with a mighty elegance. The 286-page book full of glamourous glossy photos, opens with Deniot’s own residence in Paris, which he describes as a mix of classicism and futurism; along with his former home when life brought him to Los Angeles. Deniot’s love of drama is reflected in both his home’s theatrical accents. They also adopt a French Chic style, featuring timeless interiors with different influences. Denoit has a refined way of creating an elegant comfortable look which is never overly formal or trendy. Deniot’s signature work style is about creating unique atmospheres while retaining a sense of utmost chic and timeless elegance. This book demonstrates his sophisticated, classical style that is changing the scene for international design, and offering inspiration and…

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Book review Garden Inspirations by Charlotte Moss (1)  Book review: Garden Inspirations by Charlotte Moss Book review Garden Inspirations by Charlotte Moss 7 1140x660
Interior Design

Book review: Garden Inspirations by Charlotte Moss

Celebrated interior designer and renowned tastemaker Charlotte Moss turns her eye to the garden as a resource for interiors, entertaining, and good living. Ready to another book review? Charlotte Moss’s greatest muse is the garden, and this book shows the myriad ways the garden provides inspiration every day—indoors and outdoors. Touring readers through her own gardens, Moss offers insights on how to bring the garden into home life—including ideas for elegant flower arrangements from the garden and the table settings and menus they inspire, garden seating for entertaining and relaxing, interior color schemes drawn from nature, and much more. You may also like: TOP 15 NYC LIBRARIES YOU NEED TO DISCOVER Moss also shares with readers key garden lessons that she has culled from her time spent exploring magnificent gardens around the world, including French and Italian, English and Russian, private and public, and also the gardens of great women, past and present. An extensive resource guide of notable gardens to visit is also included. With this verdant volume, Moss shows us—implores us—that “to behold our own patch of beauty and pleasure” (in Edith Wharton’s words) is not beyond our reach. Charlotte Moss Since opening her business in 1985, Charlotte has designed…

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