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metallics Metallics: The 2020 Trend Your Wall Mirrors Need metallics 2020 trend wall mirrors need

Metallics: The 2020 Trend Your Wall Mirrors Need

Metallics – When it comes to interiors for home, Mirrors holds a special place at home decor. Here are few wall mirrors ideas with metallics design trend! Hope you feel inspired!   SAYA MIRROR BY BRABBU Saya de Malha Bank, the largest submerged ocean bank in the world, inspired the creation of Saya Mirror. It is composed of a polished nickel concave frame, with an undulating surface covered in casted brass details, and a convex mirror. These shapes recreate the oceanic bank that was named by Portuguese sailors when they were sailing between Cape of Good Hope and India. GET PRICE: EXPLOSION BY LUXXU The recreation of the Explosion achieves a luxurious level. The perfect solution to highlight any ambiance with its prestigious and revivalist attitude. Strong attention to mighty and luxury detail are reflected in the numerous slim gold plated brass and crystal arms which orbit around a smoked black mirror glass. This decorative mirror lives to burst interiors with its traditional craftsmanship and luxurious details. GET PRICE: CONCAVE METAMORPHOSIS BY BOCA DO LOBO The Concave Metamorphosis Mirror portrays a territorial dispute, where chaos is indulged and spread across simplicity represented by the clean slate upon which it takes place. A take on metamorphosis from both its literal and philosophical…

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mid-century lighting Mid-Century Lighting With Classic Blue, Pantone’s Color Of The Year mid century lighting classic blue pantones color year

Mid-Century Lighting With Classic Blue, Pantone’s Color Of The Year

Mid-Century Lighting –     GET THE LOOK: Diana is a vintage table lamp inspired by some of the greatest design classics of the mid-century era. It is a handmade lamp built with materials such as brass and aluminum. Brass was used on the body, whilst aluminum was chosen for the shade. This small lamp is easily the perfect reading light, having a movable and adjustable shade, that casts light to where it is needed. It best fits more minimalist or industrial environments. The perfect study table lamp. GET THE LOOK: Diana pendant lamp is an industrial-inspired design that embodies all the simplicity and sophistication of the mid-century modern age. It is handmade in brass and aluminum. This industrial pendant lighting design has also a red textile wire, which can be customized as you wish. It is a small suspended light perfect for any contemporary kitchen, but it does also look great as a bedside lamp in an industrial-inspired bedroom. GET THE LOOK: Enthusiastic the letter E calls for the dazzled feeling of a neon party. With 23 bulbs, the college styled font carries with it the blue neon outline that completes any modern home decor. Fun, exquisite and bright, the…

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maison et objet 2020 Design Trends From Maison Et Objet 2020 design trends maison objet 2020
Interior Design

Design Trends From Maison Et Objet 2020

Maison Et Objet 2020 – Maison Et Objet has come to an end, but Best Design Books already knows what’s on the horizon for design in 2020. From classic blue to nature elements, these are the new design trends from Maison Et Objet 2020 that will revolutionize the design world! CURVED SHAPES Popular in the 60’s curved soft furnishings have now taken hold on sideboards and even suspension lamps, but their return to sofas and seating make it one of the most intriguing and even covetable interior design trends. Curved shapes give the opportunity for a conversation, communication and make the furniture look comfortable and inviting. GREY TONES Grey is an on-trend yet timeless color for any space and can be used throughout the home. The versatility of the shade means that each space can take on a unique feel depending on what it’s paired with and the many different shades of grey lead to endless pairing options to ensure no room is ever the same. NEUTRALS Neutral Colors will never go out of style. The most important aspect of this kind of space is to introduce various subtle details that will give a bit more character to an interior. Discreet and trendy tones that provide…

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modern chandeliers Modern Chandeliers: 7 Moodboards That Perfectly Fit In Every Style  modern chandeliers moodboards perfectly fit style 1140x287

Modern Chandeliers: 7 Moodboards That Perfectly Fit In Every Style 

Gold and White accents left us in the ’80s, but it is once again back and popular. The mixing of white and gold colors is one of the classiest choices ever. You can introduce this design trend into your home decor with the amazing Empire Chandelier from LUXXU. It’s a masterpiece with an extravagant shape, capable of transforming every space into a stunning scenario.

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abstract art geometric How To Introduce Abstract Art Geometric Into Your Home Decor introduce abstract art geometric home decor

How To Introduce Abstract Art Geometric Into Your Home Decor

Abstract Art Geometric – Structural, colorful and stylish, this new trend is bound to give that contemporary touch to your home decor with glowing atmospheres and striking details. Abstract Art Geometric gathers all the magic of simple things and transforms your home decor in a colorful landscape made of bold details and charismatic features. Join Best Design Books and discover how you can introduce this design trend into your home decor.  The Abstract Art Geometric trend is based on the Geometric Abstraction art movement, which combines geometric forms in non-objective compositions. This art movement was adopted by the avant-garde artist in the early 20th century, which grants these pieces a retro look, while still remaining modern thanks to their straight lines and sleek design. EMPIRE MIRROR Empire Mirror found its inspiration in the extravagant and vigorous Empire Collection. With its will to keep up with the Empire family high standards on exquisite and exceptional design, the Empire mirror’s powerful lines are the result of an extraordinary precision of handmade techniques. Adequate to transform any space into a luxurious atmosphere. GET PRICE: NOVAK SOFA Novak Sofa is a sofa that combines some details from mid-century style with a contemporary design vision. GET PRICE: OSCAR…

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fringing earth tones Design Trends 2020: Fringing Earth Tones  design trends 2020 fringing earth tones

Design Trends 2020: Fringing Earth Tones 

Fringing Earth Tones – While fringing earth tones is more regularly used in the fashion world, many interior designers resort to fringing because it adds a unique touch to home interiors. Today, Best Design Books is going to explore a design moodboard that highlights many products that follow this outstanding trend, so take a look.   ALICE Alice Suspension Lamp was inspired in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Lewis Carrol’s masterpiece. It is a hexagon-shaped lamp that can be sold individually or within a set. It can be entirely customized according to the client’s taste. SKYSCRAPER FLOOR LAMP Uniqueness, emotion, and passion are Boca do Lobo’s important keywords. The colors and the refined materials of its astonishing décor pieces are the principal features of this luxury Portuguese brand. Skyscraper floor lamps are no exception. In fact, they are one of our most original and exquisite décor pieces. With an unmistakable presence beyond its mere functional characteristics, this lamp adds a classical appeal to any setting. Delicately hand-carved mahogany base with a fringe lamp’s shade, Skyscraper’s base is brilliantly finished in white lacquer with a gradual color transition to yellow. KANKAN II CUSHION Starting with rugs, and now entering the world of homeware with Home’s Society,…

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trending materials Trending Materials: 8 Moodboards That Highlight Every Setting In Your Home trending materials moodboards highlight setting home

Trending Materials: 8 Moodboards That Highlight Every Setting In Your Home

With the increase of raw materials and the emergence of technologically advanced surfaces, interior designers are left with plenty of options to choose from. This type of material is becoming quite trendy due to its high-quality and natural beauty. They also have a timeless character to them and are rather sustainable to the environment and they will also grant the ultimate touch to contemporary decor, no matter the color palette or design style.

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holographic design trend Holographic Design Trend: The Futuristic Trend Your Home Needs   holographic design trend futuristic trend home needs

Holographic Design Trend: The Futuristic Trend Your Home Needs  

Holographic Design Trend – One of the most original trends that have been the topic of discussion within the industry for quite some time now is the holographic avant-garde. This trend is more aesthetically pleasing than others mostly because of its visual and three-dimensional character. It is about turning a simple object into a complete visual masterpiece. Today, Best Design Books will show how holographic design trend can be adapted into product design.   While this sort of design has been around for decades inclusively dating back to the 1920s, as of recent, it has been in a renaissance period where multiple creators have applied to their products. In order to achieve these mind-bending effects, all you need is a curated selection of furniture, lighting, and upholstery. Psychedelic-like visuals, experimental and inspiring, drive us into an ancient atmosphere that becomes futuristic. It’s all happening indoors. PIXEL In a digital era, the pixel is king, described as the smallest single component of a digital image. Embracing real and virtual the Pixel Nightstand is ideal for those looking for a metallic ambiance in the bedroom. With two drawers it is perfect to keep your bedside books and computer or tablet coexist. QUANTUM MIRROR A…

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classic blue How To Introduce Classic Blue Into Your Home Decor introduce classic blue home decor

How To Introduce Classic Blue Into Your Home Decor

Classic Blue – Pantone’s Color of the Year has just revealed that the Color of the Year 2020 is Classic Blue, also known as Pantone 19-4052. Join Best Design Books and discover everything about this amazing color and how to use it in your home decor. Blue is synonymous with depth, wisdom, trust. This time we are making it classic in order to transform your home in the trendiest way. VERSAILLES SOFA The creativity and rich decoration of the Versailles Palace contributed to the inspiration of the creation of this exuberant sofa. Boca do Lobo opens the way to freedom and the need of bringing extravagant creations to life. Versailles Sofa is made in a wood structure and panels in a manual sculpture, produced in resin and finished with restoration techniques similar to stone. HERITAGE CABINET Heritage is an elegant décor piece to compliment the decoration of any interior setting. A highly coveted ensemble of hand-painted tiles like those of an expertly curate art collection bring together master artisans and craftsmen for Boca do Lobo’s Heritage. In its interior, there is one door and four drawers, fully lined with golden leaf. MANSFIELD ARMCHAIR Mansfield Armchair is THE ultimate mid-century modern masterpiece, combining the retro touch from the velvet with the 60’s sleek lines….

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