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Color Trends: See How Cloud Pink Can Become the Shade of the Future

For 20 years, Pantone’s Color of the Year has influenced product development and purchasing decisions in multiple industries, including fashion, home furnishings, and industrial design, as well as product, packaging, and graphic design. One of the major color trends that the institute has been keeping an eye out for is Cloud Pink, and this spectacular shade is the perfect complement a wide variety of spaces, from restaurants and stores to even kids bedrooms.     Regarded as a natural evolution from Millennial pink, the soft and feminine appeal of Cloud Pink is indescribable. This light-toned pink connotes of sweetness and tenderness. When applied to interiors, it adds warmth and a more whimsical touch to one’s spaces.         Pink is a color of extremes and its versatile nature is part of what keeps consumers coming back. The proof of that can be the extreme variety of pieces that out can make with that shade. You can even make a complete bedroom out of it.       Whether you opt to introduce this color in a sofá, bed, a vanity console or even the walls of your kid’s bedroom, the result will be simply outstanding. One of the…

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Natural Materials Moodboards: Get Interior Design Inspirations Using Natural Materials featured 2 1140x500
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Moodboards: Get Interior Design Inspirations Using Natural Materials

The use of natural materials is going to be the biggest interior design trends for this year and, as you see, it can be done in any part of the house. Trendbook has created a stunning moodboard that features some of the best materials one should keep an eye out for when selecting the furniture designs for their home interiors, including terracotta, pearls, gold, feathers, coal, marble and wood. Now, the Best Design Books blog will let you know a bit more about this type of materials as well as give you a few interior design inspirations.     Always with gold accents and contemporary style present. With some inspiration in a nature theme, you have bamboo accents and wooden stools. Wood is a detail that gives the natural look while always maintaining the luxuriousness. Mirrors can bring more light to the room too.     Environmental awareness has been on the rise in every single aspect of our lives, and interior design is no exception. Designers and homeowners alike have been embracing the eco-friendly trend and natural materials have been prevalent in interior design in the past few years. Besides being good for the environment, these materials are good for…

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Green Forest Bound to Become the Most Adventurous Color of the Year

Today, the Best Design Books blog returns with yet another fascinating and awe-inspiring moodboard created by Trendbook: Green Forest! This unique hue is bound to become one of the most adventurous colors to use during this year. This unique shade is all about offering a tropical and natural touch to your home interiors.     Green is a shade that springs with and natural vitality and effervescence, and perhaps because of its roots in nature, it’s also supremely versatile. Soft shades sing in sweet, personal zones, while bolder shades can add an untamed elegance. Deep greens are often inspired by nature and have the decor ability to bring properties of the outdoors into the interiors, without feeling overly arboreal.       When paired with brighter or muted hues, Green Forest makes a room feel like a Caribbean oasis. Make sure to also add potted plants, flowers and warm wood tones into your interior decor, bringing it to new heights. This particular shade can also be seen as an accent colour, so if you also combine it with golden details you are bound to create a luxurious ambience.         Besides being an amazing choice of color to…

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