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mid century design


Mid-Century Moodboard Inspired By The Archers’ Style 

The Archers – Founded by Richard Petit and Stephen Hunt in 2002, The Archers is a team of designers, architects, artists, and cinephiles based in Los Angeles, California. The studio’s work comprises buildings, interiors, and furnishings for private homes and public spaces. Join Best Design Books and discover this mid-century moodboard based on The Archers’ Style.     ESSEX BY BRABBU Metamorphosis is the transformation process from caterpillar to butterfly. It inspired the creation of Essex Corner Sofa. This sofa is upholstered in velvet and has a base in aged brass matte that adds charisma. It will add a refined elegance to any living room set that only velvet sofas are capable of. HUDSON ARMCHAIR BY ESSENTIAL HOME Hudson Armchair is probably one of our most classic design pieces. It tends to be sober thanks to its occasional design, but it really stands out because of its leather upholstery. The body structure is produced in solid walnut wood with metal shoes on its legs, made of polished brass. It has a little degree reclining, perfect for a zen moment on your living room. SIMBA BY RUG SOCIETY An image conceived through the combination of several graphic elements, the mixture of patterns makes the carpet an exclusive, different and irreverent…

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Interior Design Trend For 2019: Deco Revival

Deco Revival – Deco Revival is an explosion of brass, opaline, and velvet in a very creative way. It’s all about having fun and forgetting what’s common while rediscovering what’s essential. Today, Best Design Books bring to you Deco Revival Trend, with simplified forms, daring colors and marked geometry. Take a look:   With an art deco inspiration, Vincent is a timeless example of good taste. With a white marble base and a body handmade in solid walnut, it is the amount of detail that went into building this mid-century credenza that makes it unique. Staying true to the mid-century modern style, Marco armchair brings an uncommon round shape with curvy and comfortable arms. With a very natural and sleek look, as comfortable as it can get, this accent chair strays true to its origins. This armchair brings the velvet goodness of the bestsellers, high-quality craftsmanship and an identity of its own. It is perfect for any living room or bedroom corner, a love seat that brings comfort and coziness for two. Kleopatra, a carpet inspired by ancient Egypt, not only for the chromatic choice but also for the linear and rigid graphics that served as the basis of language throughout history….

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Design Trends 2019: Art Deco Meets Retro Vibe 

Written by Cristiano Galveias Art Deco Retro Vibe     Art Deco Retro Vibe is glamorous and vintage in equal doses, evoking glorious times in a modern way. You can expect curated interior design atmospheres where luxury and glamour go hand in hand. Today, Best Design Books Blogs will show you that it’s possible to transform art deco into exclusive pieces of furniture, lighting, and upholstery. Prepare to be amazed: Retro or vintage-inspired design is a style that is imitative or consciously derivative of lifestyles, trends or art forms from the historical past, including in music, movies, and fashion. But it also works pretty well when it comes to interior design.  Turner art deco table lamp was inspired by the electrifying and memorable dance moves of the iconic pop singer. Tuner is a large table lamp handmade in brass and aluminium.  A versatile piece, that can be used in almost any room of your house, this brass desk lamp looks its best when placed in a modern home office or art deco inspired living room. Monocles dressing table has a mid-century feel and is constructed of solid walnut wood and offers three front drawers produced in gold plated brass. This retro table is supported by atomic legs and features a set of 3 bullseye mirrors with a brass rim. The smaller ones rotate vertically, providing flexibility. Mira is the representation of Cleopatra, where life emerges in the form of…

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The Mid-Century Style Is all About Classical Silhouettes and Patterns

In this article, the Best Design Books blog returns to talk about yet another exciting design movement, the Mid-century style. Under the tagline of forecasting the future of design and home interiors, Trendbook has created a series of inspirational moodboard with the purpose of providing inspiration for one to remodel their own home interiors, so let’s take a look at the characteristics of this design style as well as a series of furniture designs that best represent it.         Nowadays, Mid-century interiors are all about organic style and ease of living, and that’s reflected in their structure.  The simple lines and pure forms of mid-century styles are what makes it so iconic. It is simple without being boring but eye-catching without being fussy. Furniture is kept simple and without unnecessary elements. A mid-century modern floral chandelier gives an extraordinary glow to this Art Deco apartment designed by Steven Gambrel. The stunning Dahlia chandelier was designed by Max Ingrand for Fontana Arte.   The mid-century days were so rich with innovative and talented artists. Their work reflected bold new territory in the art world, and it complements this groundbreaking style perfectly. Finish the room with classic mid-century art and…

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Interior Design

Best Furniture and lighting books: Eames – Beautiful Details

“Eames: Beautiful Details” celebrates the seamlessness and fluidity in which Charles and Ray Eames operated as both a husband-and-wife team and as designers unrestricted by traditionally profesionally boundaries. Select details of their life and work, from their refined designs to to their innovative experiments, and even including images depicting the everyday poetic moments of their lives, and are shared here in this exhibit within a book. Inspired by Charles’s immersive and original slideshows, in which he expertly selected and grouped images together that communicated information in an aesthetic, direct, and accessible way, this book strives to visually created the Eameses’ life and work by taking the viewer through a delightful journey, focusing on their “beautiful details.” The packaging design of the “Eames: Beautiful Details” slipcase is a pattern inspired by the triangles and colors of one of their most inventive, if lesser-known, designs for children, simply called, “the toy.” It also pays homage to the patterns they used on their well-loved House of Cards. The Eameses brought a sense of humor and joy to everything they created, and the design and layout of the book aims to convey that spirit in a visual feast for the eyes. It is a testament to…

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