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design trends

lemon sherbet Spring Summer Interior Design Inspirations: Lemon Sherbet spring summer interior design inspirations lemon sherbet 6 1
Interior Design

Spring Summer Interior Design Inspirations: Lemon Sherbet

Article originally published on April 7, 2020 Lemon Sherbet – Lemon Sherbet is a calm and relaxing color, a softer hue that seeks to bring a comfortable feeling. Join Best Design Books and discover everything about this color and how it’s going to take over the interior design in Spring/Summer 2021. IBIS ARMCHAIR Ibis are beautiful birds known for their long slim legs. Just like Ibis Armchair, an elegant seating solution. Upholstered in cotton velvet, this accent chair with an aged brass nailheads trim will be the focal point of any living room set. MAYA ARMCHAIR The Maya civilization had maize as one of the primary elements of their culture. Personified as a woman, Maya’s Maize God was the inspiration behind Maya Upholstered Chair. With legs in matte aged brass, this velvet chair has the sensual and delicate forms of the goddess, making it the perfect seating solution for an elegant living room set. BATAK BOLD As one of the most ancient tribes in the world, Batak has a very rich culture and compelling traditions. Inspired by this, our designers created the Batak Velvet Chair, a completely upholstered chair which has a light structure and is full of personality. This barrel-shaped…

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oxy fire Oxy Fire: The Summer Color Trend 2021 maxresdefault 1

Oxy Fire: The Summer Color Trend 2021

Oxy Fire – From love and passion to anger and aggression, red seems to wield a powerful, psychological power. Oxy Fire is an orange and bright red that is fiery, saturated, and guaranteed to spark a reaction. Join Best Design Books and discover how to bring summer into your home with oxy fire.   GARBO DINING CHAIR A timeless modern dining chair, inspired by one of the biggest and most mysterious names on the Hollywood Boulevard Walk of Fame. Features a velvet upholstered seat with a removable cushion, completed by a crescent low back that is handmade in brass, finished in plated copper. GET PRICE BELIZE MIRROR One of the world’s most beautiful coral reefs is located in Belize. Its unbelievable beauty inspired the creation of the BELIZE Mirror, made of silver leaf with shades of translucent black and red. However, what makes this round mirror unique is the polished brass details. It is surely a piece that will add intrigue to any entrance hall. GET PRICE   What do you think about oxy fire color trend? Feel free to comment and share! YOU MAY ALSO LIKE: Contemporary Street Style: Bring The Outside In How To Introduce Tropical Patterns Into…

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terracotta Why Terracotta Is The Must-Have Color For Your Interiors Why Terracotta Is The Must Have Color For Your Interiors 1140x297

Why Terracotta Is The Must-Have Color For Your Interiors

Terracotta –   Terracotta is here to stay! When it comes to modern style, designers are always looking for ways to warm up a space, whether it’s through texture, earthy accents, or rich hues. And it’s no wonder terracotta was poised to make a big entrance, it’s warm, creamy, natural, rich, full-bodied and it can complement many interior design styles. Today, Best Design Books is going to tell you everything you need to know about this color and how to style it! Take a look:   Terracotta is taking over the interior design with its rich, earthy red and brown tones that are easy to incorporate into wardrobes, and interior features. This armchair from Essential Home adds the perfect dose of warmth to any luxury living room. This color trend is now the go-to shade for chic inspiring interiors, home accessories and stylish soft furnishings, whether that’s on your wall, plump new cushions or a sofa. For a smaller dose of terracotta, you can opt for the Sika armchair. On the other hand, we can see in this bedroom that less is more when it comes to the decor, but “more is more” when it comes to color! Terracotta blends beautifully with any shade of…

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interior design trends Interior Design Trends To Follow In 2021 interior design trends follow 2021

Interior Design Trends To Follow In 2021

Interior Design Trends – As every year, 2021 also will not differ with its wide range of interior design trends 2021. Decor trends 2021 are all about personality and character. Depending on your mood and preferences you can find your own solutions among design trends 2021. Join Best Design Books and discover the interior design trends to follow in 2021.   NAVAL COLOR TREND A darker blue color will be a 2021 trend. Naval is the new black proper for creating elegant and contemporary spaces. SUSTAINABLE MODERN DESIGN It’s more concerned times. 2021 interior design trends will determine a new age in developing sustainable design pieces. New bioplastics, reused materials and low impact pieces for the environment, will be an upcoming design trend. Designers are dared to create pieces with a new and unusual mate. STATEMENT PIECES Statement pieces will be proper to elevate any division, for a more sophisticated look. Clear spaces are becoming more desirable for decor enthusiasts. This trend uses materials, furniture, and accessories with a luxury touch. NATURE ELEMENTS A decor trend based on bringing nature to our homes. Nature and organic materials strongly decorated to remind us of the exterior life, creating mixed interiors with…

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interior design trends Interior Design Trends – Decor with Geometric Patterns featured 1140x500

Interior Design Trends – Decor with Geometric Patterns

Interior Design Trends: Geometric patterns will forever be one of the most sought-after interior design trends in the industry and this happens so because these patterns, prints, and shapes are so versatile that allow the creation of a comprehensive range of designs that can accommodate various tastes. Now, the Best Design Books blog will explore a unique moodboard that display a series of products/spaces that are best characterized by their geometric features.     This trend makes us travel do the 60’s if you want a retro look or bring some geometric accent up to date with a contemporary pattern. From chequered floors to splash-backs you can have it in tiles, walls and as wallpapers, on beautiful rugs, as wall art, on the fabrics of the furniture and as an accent piece around your home.       There’s something special in geometric patterns and the colors that we can combine with them. One of the best and easiest ways to get some striking geometric patterns into your home is to change up your home decor. You can always use this trend because Geometric Patterns are always trendy because you can use it in more euth a modern or a classic…

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coveted CovetED 17: The Interior Design Magazine You Need coveted 17 interior design magazine need 13 1

CovetED 17: The Interior Design Magazine You Need

CovetED – CovetED Magazine is out now! In this 17th edition, you will find more than 300 inspirations and ideas to nurture your creative mind! We start by featuring all that’s new from the best design brands worldwide. Then, they present a curated selection of the showrooms they love, from the world’s capitals.  Join Best Design Books and discover everything! FREE DOWNLOAD NEWS AND TRENDS Design is everywhere. From year to year, the trends keep changing in light velocity. If there is one way to describe the interior design trends we will see more of in 2020, it’s anything goes. To make you be able to keep up with all of them we bring you the latest news and trends in the interior design world. KARTELL “LOVES THE PLANET” In the context of more careful, conscient, and sustainable design, Kartell has created a set of furniture collections, in order to raise awareness of the environment and the concern for the planet Earth. Kartell Loves The Planet is the name of this collection that represents the ongoing conversation about the world and the environment. NENDO: SUSTAINABILITY DESIGN COLLECTION FOR EMECO Japanese studio Nendo has released a new version of its environmentally friendly SU stool for…

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rug ideas 5 Living Room Rug Ideas  living room rug ideas

5 Living Room Rug Ideas 

Rug Ideas – Your home isn’t complete without a rug. The right rug can complement any room, making it look cozier. Adding a contemporary rug into your home decor is adding an element of luxury, sophistication, and elegance. But with so many options out there, finding the best one can be like trying to solve a puzzle. Join Best Design Books and be amazed by these 5 living room rug ideas!   HIMBA RUG Himba is a southern Angola tribe, who lives in a land isolated by deserts and mountains and dresses in strictly traditional ways. Himba is famous for its beautiful women painted with ochre and long tresses wrapped in red clay. They have an extreme capacity to survive in hard conditions, a remarkable feature from where HIMBA is born: a strong, powerful, red rectangle colored rug made from hand-knotted thin wool, taking to your home the warm sensations of Africa. MURSI The Nilotic pastoralist ethnic group Mursi lives in southwestern Ethiopia, they believe in a higher force coming from the sky, called Tumwi. The Mursi consider clay sacred and powerful, they still paint their bodies for religious and medical purposes. Combined body painting motifs and animal’s footprints in an abstract…

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curved shapes Curved Shapes: The Design Trends Your Living Room Needs curved shapes design trends living room needs

Curved Shapes: The Design Trends Your Living Room Needs

Curved Shapes – Curved shapes were popular in the ’60s but have now taken hold on rugs and even suspension lamps, but their return to coffee tables and consoles make it one of the most intriguing and even covetable interior design trends. Join Best Design Books and discover everything about this design trend and how you can introduce it in your living room.   MONOCHROME FAUX-MARBLE SIDEBOARD A demonstration of both imagination and strong design skills, the Monochrome console table is a remarkable piece that stands out in any room or setting. Perfect for living spaces grounded in a contemporary style as they embrace careful craftsmanship, this console expresses a leading edge outlook though its daring curvy shapes and dark tones. Carefully built from resin, the Monochrome is composed of three separate modules, embellished with handpainted faux-marble as a result of advanced experimentations, and finished with a high gloss varnish coat. An avant-garde console that conveys a seductive and fearless attitude due to its unique and challenging design. WAVE HAMMERED STAINLESS STEEL CENTER TABLE True classics never fail to make an impression and this is certainly the case for the Wave Table from Boca do Lobo. Nowadays, the traditional coffee table is no longer…

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embrace nature Interior Design Trends: Embrace Nature In 2020  interior design trends embrace nature 2020

Interior Design Trends: Embrace Nature In 2020 

Embrace Nature – A new year means a fresh start, it’s the perfect time to infuse a “new year, new you” mentality into every facet of your life, and the interior design is no exception. 2020 design trends are all about sustainability, personality, and character. Join Best Design Books and discover how to embrace nature in your home decor! SEQUOIA CENTER TABLE Sequoia is one of the largest and tallest trees in the world that grows in California. Just like it, SEQUOIA Center Table is a force of Nature. The distinct walnut root veneer top shows the passage of years and the base in brass with aged patina adds a refined touch. This coffee table proves the beauty of the action of time. APIS DINING TABLE Bees, originally called “Apis” in Latin, were the main inspiration for APIS Dining Table. It features a small table top in stained oak with brass details and a base in matte brass. Place it in a modern dining room and this round dining table is sure to impress. HAIKU MIRROR In traditional Japanese culture, bamboo represents many qualities such as uprightness and tenacity. HAIKU Round Mirror honors these traits through its copper leaf with a black translucent…

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