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metals Metals: A Shining Design Trend For Your Dining Room Enhance Your Dining Room Design With New Metals 1140x297

Metals: A Shining Design Trend For Your Dining Room

Metals – The dining room is one of the most important rooms in the house, is where we spend the majority of our time with other people. And it’s for that reason that finding the right chairs, tables, and buffet tables is essential in order to provide both a welcoming environment and logical storage solutions. It might seem easy, but the one million dollar question is, how we can enhance the dining room with metals, the design trend that is here to stay! Discover here:     Metals are in for 2019. If you are not sure how to use this design trend,  subtle way to experiment with metals is choosing one color, such as copper or gold, and then displaying it in different finishes. A glossy new gold in one part of a space balanced with an antique gold in another spot is an interesting, adaptable look. For example, this Dining Table embodies handmade techniques such as wood carving, metal cutting and hammering, and polishing, executed by some of the best craftsmen in the country. It’s a unique product for those who have a peculiar taste for limited edition pieces and conceptual designs. Perfect for a luxury dining room. If you want something more simple…

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metallic black matte How To Use Metallic Black Matte In A Luxury Decor How To Use Metallic Black Matte In A Luxury Decor 1140x297

How To Use Metallic Black Matte In A Luxury Decor

Written by Daniel Cardoso Metallic Black Matte –   Black is a color that matches everything remaining a color that can still be considered elegant. It brings a unique type of sophistication to furniture. With this design trend, you will elevate your living room design. Best Design Books decided to show everything you need to know about this trend and how to style it. Take a look: The clean-cut lines in this sideboard is a perfect look for this trend.  While being inspired by the romantic period, it makes the entire space it occupies pop up in an explosion of style and modernity. As the name explains, this Diamond Metamorphosis makes an office go through a transformation into greatness. To elevate the sense of explosion and reflection that the metallic creates, a luxurious suspension will be a great idea in any room. We suggest you the Explosion Suspension, where strong attention to mighty and luxury detail is reflected in the numerous slim gold plated brass and crystal arms which orbit around a center sphere. For the floor, the mixture of black and gold will bring back the retro-style that can be used in a living room that desires a mid-century kind of design. The Duke Floor by Delightfull is the perfect…

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neoclassic style Introduce Neoclassic Style Into Your Home Decor  Introduce Neoclassic Style Into Your Home Decor 1140x297

Introduce Neoclassic Style Into Your Home Decor 

Written by Carolina Elias Neoclassic Style     Elegant, luxurious and timeless, neoclassic style is all about melding tradition with modern, contemporary pieces for an interior that will seriously impress. Today, Best Design Books Blog will show you a series of furniture designs that feature the neoclassic style, take a look: Neoclassicism is all about muted colors: white, creams and greys that can be accentuated with pops of yellow or red to modernize the look. When decorating in a neoclassic style, make sure to stay within the theme, but ensure there’s a point of difference with every piece. We suggest you the Heritage Sideboard, comfortably blends in all environments, yet maintains a luxury appeal, and demonstrates the talent and craftsmanship that is poured into each Boca do Lobo piece. Going overboard on the colours or accessories can turn a beautiful home into a tacky one. And with neoclassicism’s potential for statement-making, there’s a fine line to toe when choosing your furniture. So, be careful and opt for a bold yet simple piece of furniture, like the Heritage Dining Table.  Neoclassicism is all about refined luxury with some seriously over-the-top finishing touches. Think bulbous furniture and classic styling, but add an element of luxury with…

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10-Amazing-Modern-Bookshelves  10 Amazing Modern Bookshelves  10 Amazing Modern Bookshelves
Interior Design

10 Amazing Modern Bookshelves

Don’t know what to do with all those books laying around your house? Best Design Books will share with you some bookshelves with a fantastic design that will fit right in your home! Design is quite unique, stylish and original. “This shelf has an very original and modern design. You can’t store to much stuff on this shelf, but is a great way to decorate a wall, and put inside only the books and objects your really like.” The Coleccionista, a fantastic bookcase from Boca do Lobo ”This multi-sized shelves design called the Quad Bookcase can store your CDs, DVDs, folders and books all in one clever product. For even more storage space, separate units can be joined together. Asymmetry in perfect balance!” Keep your books safe in a beautiful bookshelf! Source: Interior Decoration . Best Design Books will continue to update you about Architecture, Interior Design, Photography, Best Sellers and much more. Don’t forget to subscribe this blog and to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Google + and Pinterest.

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The Craft and the Makers The Craft and the Makers * Gestalten New Release the craft and the makers books cover

The Craft and the Makers * Gestalten New Release

The Craft and the Makers * Gestalten New Release – Craftsmanship is an expression of quality, passion, and mindset. This book is a showcase of crafted products created by small manufacturers as Herve Van der Straeten, Boca do Lobo, Frank Leder and many more. A Book filled with Tradition and Attitude. A showcase of crafted products created by small manufacturers. Craftsmanship is in more demand than ever and small manufacturers are experiencing an overwhelming renaissance. We are increasingly looking for products that last and have their own histories; things that meld form, function, and emotion into a compelling entity. This desire will continue to shape our attitudes toward consumer and luxury goods as well as innovation for the foreseeable future. See also: Book Presentation: Piet Boon Styling by Karin Meyn with Video Boca do Lobo is one of the companies that inspired the book “The Crafts and the Makers”, more than ever, a symbol of exception, and perfection. Boca do Lobo results with the support of twenty-five talented artisans from the North of Portugal, the craftsmen have always drawn inspiration from its roots, its craftsmanship and its heritage to transmute tradition into creation. To make this sensual and poetic experience last forever, Boca…

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