Want to buy a gift for Valentine’s Day? A book is always a good suggestion to offer to your beloved ones.

For a special day two special books that you will love.

For Her – The Allure of Beauty




Karen Durbin, film critic for Elle magazine, in association with Assouline made a book “The Allure of beauty.  The book celebrates Hollywood’s legendary actresses from the 1930s to the present. From Marilyn Monroe and Marlene Dietrich to Anita Ekberg and Julia Roberts, each page of this vibrant anthology radiates with provocative images of unforgettable faces and moments that have forever changed the place of women in Hollywood as well as in our culture. Elle magazine film critic Karen Durbin delves into the history of Hollywood, highlighting females who have proven their femininity, strength, and talent. The glitzy narrative accompanies a carefully researched, sexy selection of photography that captures the individuality of each woman.

“Provocative images of a unforgettable faces and moments that have forever changed the place of women”



For Him  – The impossible Collection Cars



Dan Neil, Pulitzer Prize-winning automotive for The Wall Street Journal, wrote the book of the year for the automobile collector.

The book presents the most exotic and coveted automobiles of the worlds, that only a small number of people could afford. From a 1997 Porsche 993 Turbo S to a 1909 Blitzen Benz.

This book is the dream of many to own the world’s most beautifully designed automobiles, but most often only a handful of collectors ever come close. Now, The Impossible Collection of Cars makes that dream come true, showcasing the 100 most exceptional cars of the twentieth century. Each luxury automobile-from the 1909 Blitzen Benz to a 1997 Porsche 993 Turbo S-was chosen for its revolutionary design, magnificent lines, and head-turning capabilities. The book also features cars owned by celebrities like Marlene Dietrich, Greta Garbo, Pablo Picasso, and Elvis Presley. This Impossible Collection volume is presented on cotton paper in a beautiful black rubber clamshell box with a cutout metal plate.


Happy Valentine’s Day.