Polo: The Nomadic Tribe

Contrary to popular belief in certain quarters, polo is not just a rich people’s pastime confined to the Hamptons and Palm Beach; nor is it merely an extremely lucrative clothing empire founded by Ralph Lauren. In fact, it’s an ancient and noble game, as well as the world’s oldest team sport, that has evolved into an entire way of life. In her upcoming book Polo: The Nomadic Tribe (available for pre-order on Amazon), photographer Aline Coquelle chronicles all aspects of the ultimate equestrian pursuit, tracing polo from its nomadic origins to the incomparably chic lifestyle it encompasses today. Coquelle, who studied art and anthropology, travelled around the world for five years photographing and writing about each significant place along the route of polo’s evolution, capturing all its courage, strength, speed, style, beauty, elegance and allure. Polo was first played in Persia well before the 1st century AD. Warlike tribesmen played it with as many as 100 to a side in what were essentially a miniature battle. Later on it was passed from Persia to other parts of Asia including the Indian subcontinent and China, where it was very popular during the Tang Dynasty. The name polo is said to have…

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