Ken Done: Paintings You Probably Haven’t Seen

Ken Done: Paintings You Probably Haven’t Seen – ‘These paintings were all done since the year 2000. They are sometimes works done on location or sometimes in the studio. And some are just what was in my imagination. This is a picture book of paintings.’ – Ken Done. A brilliant and surprising new book from one of Australia’s best known artists. This major new volume of twenty-first century paintings by Ken Done brings together a selection of recent and mostly-unseen works from an artist at the peak of his lifelong practice. In her introductory essay, Dr Sarah Engledow expresses her delight in Done’s collected works, and muses upon the artist’s recent motifs, emblems and influences: ‘Try something at home. Subscribe Best Design Books Newsletter! Leave this book open at a favourite pair of pages, somewhere in the house. Go out for a while and forget about it. I did just that, leaving the pictures of the little church on Hydra on the bony stony bench of my putty-coloured kitchen. When I came back in I found the space had quickened: it pulsed around the hot smoked puce, cobalt and saffron. I was physically shocked. It was a coup de foudre….

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