Design Trends 2019: Art Deco Meets Retro Vibe 

Written by Cristiano Galveias Art Deco Retro Vibe     Art Deco Retro Vibe is glamorous and vintage in equal doses, evoking glorious times in a modern way. You can expect curated interior design atmospheres where luxury and glamour go hand in hand. Today, Best Design Books Blogs will show you that it’s possible to transform art deco into exclusive pieces of furniture, lighting, and upholstery. Prepare to be amazed: Retro or vintage-inspired design is a style that is imitative or consciously derivative of lifestyles, trends or art forms from the historical past, including in music, movies, and fashion. But it also works pretty well when it comes to interior design.  Turner art deco table lamp was inspired by the electrifying and memorable dance moves of the iconic pop singer. Tuner is a large table lamp handmade in brass and aluminium.  A versatile piece, that can be used in almost any room of your house, this brass desk lamp looks its best when placed in a modern home office or art deco inspired living room. Monocles dressing table has a mid-century feel and is constructed of solid walnut wood and offers three front drawers produced in gold plated brass. This retro table is supported by atomic legs and features a set of 3 bullseye mirrors with a brass rim. The smaller ones rotate vertically, providing flexibility. Mira is the representation of Cleopatra, where life emerges in the form of…

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