The Mythic Orient Express in a Book

The Mythic Orient Express in a Book – The illustrious Orient Express, “the king of trains and the train of kings,” could carry passengers from Paris to Constantinople in 76 hours, thanks to Belgian engineer Georges Lambert Nagelmackers’s perfect combination of long-distance travel and refinement. Orient Express: The Legend of Travel is a photographic guide to the history and culture surrounding this fabled train and all that took place within, from its notable passengers including Tolstoy and Grace Kelly to the tales crafted by Hemingway and Agatha Christie. In 2016, a presentation in Paris will highlight the key elements of a trip on the famed rail line through an initiatory journey created by the Design Studio Orient Express.   See also: Book Review: Once Upon a Chair… French journalist Sixtine Dubly has interviewed the greatest artists, designers, and creative stars of the international scene for the last fifteen years. Wherever she travels, she tracks emerging trends and handpicks talents, keeping in touch with modern design and lifestyle around the world. She has contributed to Architectural Digest, Ideat Magazine, Marie Claire Maison, and Le Nouvel Observateur, among others, and currently writes for the lifestyle section of Paris Match magazine, where she covers…

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