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modern design


Dining Room Collected Interiors: Your Modern Design Guide Book

Dining Room Collected Interiors is our new step-by-step guide to help you achieve your desirable modern design, this time in your dining room. This is the second book of seven individual design books, part of the Collected Interiors Book. Dining Rooms are the place where families gather after a long day. The way we live does not give us much time to spend with our family, so the hour of dinner is sacred. Dining Rooms should be a space intentionally designated for lingering over good food and conversation with family and friends. So, let’s take a sneak peek through the most impressive examples of Modern Dining Room Designs. Collected Interiors Believing that interior design must provide comfort, elegance, and sophistication, and being aware that different home divisions require different atmospheres and colours, this collection of interior design books promises to be a room-by-room guide-through on how to find fierce, resilient and timeless products for people’s homes that reflect their personalities and way of living. This collection is composed of 8 step-by-step design books. From these, 7 are exclusively about one home division and how to decorate it with the latest product design trends – living & dining rooms, bathrooms, bedrooms & closets, hall & entryways and kitchens – and 1 with all the previous rooms, as well as additional tips and tricks on…

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Be Inspired by the Modern and Rich Textures of the Cassis Color

Today, the Best Design Books blog will talk about a very specific color, Cassis. This unique shade is a bit darker, it’s more sophisticated than eggplant but still colorful and rich in texture. Often seen in velvety pieces, the Cassis color can be considered to be gender-neutral and modern. All around it is a desirable fusion of pink with purple as well as a few hues of gray and this tone has become quite appreciate in the interior design and fashion industries.     Subtly graduating from crushed blackcurrant to rich aubergine, the deep purplish tones of the elegantly understated. A natural evolution from Millennial pink, as it continues the appeal of soft, slightly feminine colours, this hue will resonate strongest in Europe, the US and Asia-Pacific.     Psychologically, this hue taps into both pink and purple tones. With the moodier purple undertones, it evokes feelings of grandeur and decadence, due to its historic connotations with royalty.     Nature did not make it easy to dye fabric this tone and historically the production of this material in this colour was one of the most laborious, time-consuming and expensive processes around. Enter Cassis which is awash with pink uplifting the delectable…

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