Mayfair Boutique Home, The Pinnacle Of Sophisticated Living

Mayfair Boutique Home is the true meaning of sophisticated living, and BRABBU gave a touch of its elegance and charm with its exclusive and modern products. This project is located in London and the responsible interior designer is Juliette Byrne. Her decorating ideas and interior inspiration are well-known for her elegant and contemporary style, which is merged with modern classics, as well as her strong attention to detail.         Mayfair Boutique Home Mayfair Boutique Home has been developed to suit the highest expectations of visitors who come with their families and desire home privacy in London’s most desirable location. So, this is six floors of housing that combine sophisticated luxury and cutting-edge features, fitting every necessity of modern city living. Mayfair Boutique Home has been divided into the formal, semi-formal and private zone. This is the office: a contemporary style mixed with modern classic hues room, that was the winner of the United Kingdom Property Awards in 2018. In this room, MAYA 2 Seat Sofa grabs all the attention, bringing the needed sophistication and commodity to the space. MAYA 2 Seat Sofa was inspired by the Maya’s Maize God. Embodying her sensual and delicate forms, MAYA Sofa has legs in matte aged brass, being the perfect element to add to any modern interior, even in…

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