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10 Best Interior Design Books to Inspire You

10 Best Interior Design Books to Inspire You – Discover a selection of 10 Interior Design Books that will help you with your next interior design project! 1. The Ultimate Inspiration Book, Room by Room Covet House collection is a movement into inspiring yourself for creating the perfect division. An exquisite book with more than 1000 illustrated products and 1250 inspirations. Very praticar, it is divided room by room, in different styles and with all technical information about each design piece. 2. Habitat: The Field Guide to Decorating Styling a beautiful space isn’t just about placing the furniture in the right spot or strategically hanging a piece of art. It’s more about the intangible elements like the mood, the scent, and familiarity that makes it a special place where you’d want to spend your time. Interior designer and blogger Lauren Liess divides her thorough “field guide” for decorating beginners into three parts to help you consciously consider every room in your home, and find the best ways to make it come alive. 3. The Complete Book of Home Organization: 200+ Tips and Projects Home design and home organization go pretty much hand in hand. There’s a multitude of ways to…

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