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inspirational moodboards

spring color trends Spring Color Trends To Follow In 2020  spring color trends follow 2020 1140x287

Spring Color Trends To Follow In 2020 

Spring Color Trends – I don’t know about you, but we are a little bit tired of the dark colors, and now that the Spring cleaning mood is starting to surface, it is time to swap the heavy charcoals and indigos for brighter, breezier shades. For the Spring collection, Essential Home was inspired by Pantone’s key colour trends for 2018. From bright and vivid to earthy and soft, next year’s choices are exciting and happy, just like some of the Essential Home’s fabrics and accessories.   Ellen Armchair Not surprisingly, Green will not go away so fast, the color of 2017 will maintain strong. In the language of color therapy, green is associated with serenity, the perfect refuge from those who want to escape the city concrete and create the perfect spring garden inside of the home. Essential Home collection with green will make take a deep breath and enjoy the sunny days. Ellen Dining Chair Vibrant Yellow is what spring is all about, bright and cheerful like the sunny days that are anticipated, with a warm undertone that keeps it from looking highlighter bright. This color is perfect for upholstery pieces, like a chair or a sofa, thanks to its warm yet fresh appearance. Mansfield Armchair Blue always…

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mid-century chairs Mid-Century Chairs For Your Home Decor Mid Century Chairs For Your Home Decor

Mid-Century Chairs For Your Home Decor

Mid-Century Chairs – Danish-inspired mid-century chairs will add an accent of chic style to your bedroom, living room, or any room in your home. Join Best Design Books and discover the best amazing mid-century chairs for your home decor.   ELLEN DINING CHAIR A fanciful dining chair full of luxurious features that will bring personality and uniqueness to your dining room. It is upholstered in velvet and has mixed tones both on the back and the round cushioned pad. Extremely sculptured, and it contrasts with the slim legs made of polished brass. GABLE BAR CHAIR Feel like you’re sitting on cotton candy or a cloud with this perfect mid-century bar chair. Gable features a shiny round base and a footrest in polished brass, with a fixed height of 1m. It is fully upholstered in cotton velvet and features a super stylish design, with an accent low back and a cylindrical shape. KELLY BAR CHAIR Inspired by the sculpted arches from the bar in the classic movie Casablanca, it’s a timeless and unforgettable piece. Besides being stylish, it is made to be comfortable and stand the test of time. The body is a full piece of polished brass and features a low back,…

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jewelry hardware Jewelry Hardware Inspired By Rio De Janeiro  jewelry hardware inspired rio janeiro

Jewelry Hardware Inspired By Rio De Janeiro 

Jewelry Hardware – Rio de Janeiro has been a popular travel spot since the 1920s due to its location on the East Coast of Brazil, and therefore having great beaches with warm Atlantic water. It is the only city to have its own national park and is known for its stunning tropical forests and wildlife. Now that summer’s coming to the South Pole you can definitely enjoy the amazing weather of Brazil and have a luxurious, relaxing vacation with the help of our Rio de Janeiro Luxury Guide.   CODIUM DRAWER HANDLE The ocean is wide and wavering, keeping unique and beautiful secrets. Dipped in blue waters, their Codium furniture drawer handle is delicate and authentic, a fetching detail to any drawer, cupboard or wardrobe, for cabinet hardware. SONORAN DRAWER HANDLE Sonoran door handle celebrates the beauty and uniqueness of the world’s most known desert by providing high character and magnificence. Empower your cupboards, sideboards, cabinet furniture designs with authentic hardware design. TURTLE DRAWER HANDLE Inspired by the wonderful sea creatures, the Turtle furniture drawer handle is an elegant décor solution for ocean-themed design projects. An excellent opportunity to mix and match our unique cabinet hardware solutions in your furniture…

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yellow Kids’ Bedroom Ideas: How To Use And Combine Yellow kids bedroom ideas use combine yellow

Kids’ Bedroom Ideas: How To Use And Combine Yellow

Yellow Color Trend – Yellow is a color that adds sunny visual warmth and evokes feelings of spring/summertime happiness. This high energy effect makes it a great hue to use in any area of the home but particularly for kids’ bedrooms. Join Best Design Books and discover how to use and combine yellow!   SKY B PLANE BED The Sky B Plane is an airplane kids bed with an aviation-inspired design that it’s meant to be educational and engaging. An airplane theme decoration for kids’ rooms is perfect to encourage the adventurous spirit of children. Inspired by kids’ fantasy world, they will easily relate this kids’ themed bed to the Disney movie “Planes” character Leadbottom, an iconic biplane wing aircraft used in the early years of aviation. ATOMIC CEILING SUSPENSION LAMP The atomic ceiling lamp is inspired by the molecular composition of the atom, thus representing a new found interpretation of the mid-century modern era. With a set of spotlights all arranged much similar to molecular forms, this modern ceiling light comes to redefine what mid-century lighting is all about. DIANA SUSPENSION LAMP Diana pendant lamp is an industrial-inspired design that embodies all the sim- plicity and sophistication of the mid-century…

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terracotta How to Bring Terracotta Into Your Home Decor bring terracotta home decor

How to Bring Terracotta Into Your Home Decor

Terracotta – Terracotta is here to stay! When it comes to modern style, designers are always looking for ways to warm up a space, whether it’s through texture, earthy accents, or rich hues. And it’s no wonder terracotta was poised to make a big entrance, it’s warm, creamy, natural, rich, full-bodied and it can complement many interior design styles. Today, Best Design Books is going to tell you everything you need to know about this color and how to style it! Take a look:     TERRACOTTA NEUTRAL COLLECTION With a bold graphic design and a creation without limits, we have developed a very coherent collection where we can show through noble materials, graphics and patterns different and unusual. A 100% handmade product that transforms the comfort and beauty of your project. Nº3 CUSHION  Elegant shapes in velvet, hand embroidery, natural silk and dazzling jacquards with decorations. A piece of art with a timeless SOUL. ANTELOPE GEOMETRIC COLLECTION With a bold graphic design and a creation without limits, we have developed a very coherent collection where we can show through noble materials, graphics and patterns different and unusual. A 100% handmade product that transforms the comfort and beauty of your project.    What do you think about the terracotta design trend? Feel free to…

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color trends 2020 Color Trends 2020: Luxury Bathroom Ideas color trends 2020 luxury bathroom ideas
Interior Design

Color Trends 2020: Luxury Bathroom Ideas

Color Trends 2020 – Any luxury bathroom design must follow the main interior design trends when it comes to bespoke furniture or even the color that you choose for the walls. For that reason, Best Design Books decided to show you the color trends that your luxury bathroom needs!     COLOR PLAY Shocking Iced Mango adds a fruitful punch to a pair of cool watery hues, the sweet pink shade Little Piglet and Mystic Violet, a fanciful lilac. These trendy color tones are enhanced by the shiny look of the golden details that are spread across the luxury bathroom design. If you want a stunning accessory that is as stylish as it is beautiful than Maison Valentina‘s  Sapphire mirror is the bathroom vanity of your dreams! SHOP THE LOOK: JOYFUL COLOR TONES  Vibrant color tones with a lot of character, like radiant bossy pink, fall fantasy clash with classic favorites purple pak choi and the blueberry pancake will be accentuated by the lightness of the cool clean white powdered sugar. For example, if you want to create a vibrant bathroom design where blueberry is the star, make sure you balance the design with some light bathroom vanities such as the Petra Towel Rack by Maison Valentina. Hand-carved from a block of Carrara Marble, this exquisite piece materializes the ancient inspirations of the City of Petra into the modern world. SHOP THE LOOK:…

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london and milan fashion week London And Milan Fashion Week 2019: From Runway To Your Home Decor london milan fashion week 2019 runway home decor

London And Milan Fashion Week 2019: From Runway To Your Home Decor

London And Milan Fashion Week – Join Best Design Books and discover all the latest runway trends from the fall 2019 Fashion Week show in London and Milan.     Fringe Design Trend Originally used for furniture as a way to keep textile trims from unravelling, fringe has a long history in home decor, from Victorian lampshades to hippy 60s curtains. Love it or hate it, it’s a trend that always re-emerges in fashion and decor. Neocubism  With cool colors and quirky abstract lines when applied to interiors, this decor style can be used to create changes of perspective in a room. Bold geometric patterns with hard angles and a clear preference for symmetry are essential in this refreshing interior style. Flora Fabrics One of the biggest trends for this year is romantic floral designs, including motifs of botanical flowers blooming to depictions of gardens. Floral fabrics come in all types of patterns and sizes and look their finest when incorporated in home decor elements such as wallpapers, curtains, pillows or even furniture designs. They come to add a strong yet graceful environment to any home interior. Using patterns inspired by fauna is one of the best ways to bring nature…

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earth tones Earth Tones Is The Must-Have Trend For Your Interiors earth tones is must have trend interiors

Earth Tones Is The Must-Have Trend For Your Interiors

Earth Tones – Earth Tones is best described as a palette of colors whose characteristics were mainly inspired by nature. This unique design element consists of a palette of complementary colors, such as grey, brown, tans, green, and beige as well as various shades of all of them. Join Best Design Books and discover everything why earth tones is the must-have trend for your interiors.     MERMAID With a creation without limits, Rug’Society has developed the Mermaid Rug, the fourth of lounge collection. Inspired by the feminine representation of the sea, it transmits us her delicacy and her strength. GET PRICE WEST  Graphic design inspired by the conjugation of light and shadows with different perspectives of reliefs colours. The reference of wood brown shades makes this rug the perfect Mid-Century piece. GET PRICE APOLLO GET PRICE Apollo, in Greek mythology, is considered the god of youth and light, primarily identified as a solar divinity, one of the most eclectic divinities of Greco-Roman mythology. The strength of this God is a remarkable feature from where Apollo was born: a strong, powerful, and 100% handmade product that transforms the comfort and beauty of your project. KANKAN II  GET PRICE Starting with rugs, and…

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luxury lighting ideas Be Inspired By These Luxury Lighting Ideas For Your Luxury Yacht inspired luxury lighting ideas luxury yacht

Be Inspired By These Luxury Lighting Ideas For Your Luxury Yacht

Luxury Lighting Ideas  – Looking for some luxury lighting ideas for your luxury yacht? Look no further! Today, Best Design Books is going to show you amazing lighting ideas that will inspire you!     MAJESTIC PLAFOND GET PRICE The Majestic collection enhances a romantic and daring form. This plafond made of gold plated brass and crystal glass is a piece full of personality. A modern design with a majestic inspiration. MCQUEEN PLAFOND GET PRICE The McQueen collection, inspired by Alexander McQueen, continues to grow. Combining the most luxurious design with exquisite handmade materials, this gold plated, hammered brass and amber Swarovski crystal piece evokes a dramatic and feminine sensation of beauty. This McQueen Plafond is meticulously designed beauty object, perfect to complement the boldest of projects. It is a powerful and harmonious approach to contemporary luxury. LIBERTY I WALL GET PRICE This design presents sublime lines, yet gives at the same time a complex and rich aspect in details. It is very suited for the entrance hall and corridors. The design of Liberty I was created to bring the right brightness for your home decoration and gets its inspiration on the warmth of the statue of liberty torch. SCALA…

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