Book Review: Key Interiors Since 1900

Book Review: Key Interiors Since 1900 – This book defines the history of modern interior design through the reuse of existing buildings. This approach allows the history of the interior to be viewed as separate from the history of architecture and instead enables the interior to develop its own historical narrative. The book is organized around six thematic chapters: home, work, retail, display, leisure and culture. Each one comprises a selection of case studies in chronological order. 52 key examples dating from 1900 to the present are explored in terms of context, concept, organization and detail and are illustrated with photographs, plans, sections, concept drawings and sketches. This unique history will be invaluable for students of interior architecture and design seeking a survey tailored especially for them, as well as appealing to interested general readers. See also: Book Review: A Touch Of Style Graeme Brooker is The Head of the School of Fashion and Interiors at Middlesex University, London. He is interested in the cultural, historical and philosophical dimensions of the interior and the implications of reusing existing buildings. He has written numerous books on the interior including the highly acclaimed Rereadings (2004). You may also like: Interior Design Books: Kaleidoscope, Living…

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