Interior Design Trends – Decor with Geometric Patterns

  Interior Design Trends: Geometric patterns will forever be one of the most sought-after interior design trends in the industry and this happens so because these patterns, prints, and shapes are so versatile that allow the creation of a comprehensive range of designs that can accommodate various tastes. Now, the Best Design Books blog will explore a unique moodboard that display a series of products/spaces that are best characterized by their geometric features.     This trend makes us travel do the 60’s if you want a retro look or bring some geometric accent up to date with a contemporary pattern. From chequered floors to splash-backs you can have it in tiles, walls and as wallpapers, on beautiful rugs, as wall art, on the fabrics of the furniture and as an accent piece around your home.       There’s something special in geometric patterns and the colors that we can combine with them. One of the best and easiest ways to get some striking geometric patterns into your home is to change up your home decor. You can always use this trend because Geometric Patterns are always trendy because you can use it in more euth a modern or a…

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