Discover Here How To Choose A Floor Lamp

Floor Lamp – Choose the perfect floor lamp for your interior based on the necessary luminosity and where you are going to place it in your room. Different types of floor lamps range from ones designed to increase the amount of light in a room to the ones specifically used for task lighting. Join Best Design Books and discover how to choose the perfect floor lamp based on your needs.   CLUB LAMP Miles Floor A club lamp is also known as a standard or traditional floor lamp. It’s composed basically of a narrow column with a light on top. GET PRICE TORCHIERE LAMP Abbey Floor Lamp A torchiere lamp can provide great ambient light.  This lamp directs light up at the ceiling where it diffuses and covers the room.   GET PRICE PHARMACY LAMP Herbie Floor Lamp  Pharmacy lamps provide very specific directed light so its great to use as task lighting. The height is adjustable and you can swing the head in different directions. GET PRICE TOWER LAMP Vellum Floor Lamp A tower floor lamp allies the functionality of the lamp with the design. It provides a gentle glow and can be a great accent lighting. When the lamp…

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