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Raw Materials: A Sustainable and Timeless Option for Interior Designer

  With the increase of raw materials and the emergence of technologically advanced surfaces, interior designers are left with plenty of options to choose from. This type of materials is becoming quite trendy due to their high-quality and natural beauty. They also have a timeless character to them and are rather sustainable to the environment and they will also grant the ultimate touch to contemporary decor, no matter the color palette or design style.           The notion of high-quality materials walks hand in hand when one uses raw materials. These are the foundation with which all artisans work, and above all, the context, they are irregular and rough and instead of being highly finished they are rather handworked and weathered. From marble to iron, coal, cotton, hand-thrown terracotta, galvanised steel, Baltic granite and natural woods, there are numerous raw materials that will help you create the most exquisite interior design spaces as well as furniture designs, lighting pieces and home accessories.       It is a unique aesthetic designed to engage all senses beyond the visual, for example, texture stone demands to be touched while raw wood has a soft lingering scent and patinated brass has…

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This Moodboard Truly Reflects the Essence of the Maximalist Design

The maximalist design stands for an aesthetic of excess and redundancy and it is the opposite of the minimalist design style. Here, more certainly is more. When it comes to interior design, spaces that were designed having this style into consideration often are extremely opulent, decorated, incredibly rich in colors, materials and texture, not to mention that patterns can be seen everywhere. Today, the Best Design Books blog explores yet another design moodboard that best reflects this style!       “Maximalism is the epitome of the passion, power and joy that can be expressed through a room, and is a much-needed switch up from the long-serving minimalism, boho and farmhouse norms” – Marilynn Taylor (interior designer)         Maximalism is all about bringing lots of colour, textures and patterns and make them all work cohesively into an interior, achieving a somewhat vibrant and elected style instead of a cluttered and chaotic one.       If you always wanted to introduce this type of design style to your decor but you are fearful that it will be too much, just start out in small doses, add, for example, colorful cushions in clashing tone such as hot pink and…

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Discover a Notable Moodboard Inspired by London Fashion Week 2019

Interior design and fashion have always been two disciplines often associated with each other, because they do share a lot of similarities, from trends to materials used, etc. In virtue of the London Fashion Week 2019, the Best Design Books blog has come across a unique moodboard that further perpetuates this connection between the two expressive forms. Today, we are going to talk about some of the designers that were presented at the show and compared their work to a specific design style or trend, so take a look and be prepared to be inspired.     Victoria Beckham⇔ Parisian Style   In her second London show, Beckham flirted with a return to the body-conscious silhouette with which she made her name as a designer. In recent years, she has distanced herself from curvy party dresses in favour of fluid skirts, chunky knitwear and tailored coats.   Vivienne Westwood⇔ Deco Revival     Vivienne Westwood used the catwalk as her political stage once again at London Fashion Week on Sunday, as models, activists and actors took to the runway at the showing of her autumn/winter collection to perform speeches that criticised the dangers of climate change, Brexit and capitalism. The British…

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