Collected Interiors Book: A Curated Selection on Room by Room Design

  Collected Interiors Book is going to be your new best friend when it comes to room-by-room design. The last two years have been fastidious so 2022 must be a completely different year, where change and turning tides are imperative. For this reason, this all-new beginning requests a new way of designing! As a way to start the upcoming year, the first resolution is to offer people solutions for every home division. For that, BRABBU presents “Intense Way of Living. Collected Interiors”, an anthology of interior design books that are surely going to help people create the design of their dreams.     Collected Interiors Book The Book     Believing that interior design must provide comfort, elegance, and sophistication, and being aware that different home divisions require different atmospheres and colours, this collection of interior design books promises to be a room-by-room guide-through on how to find fierce, resilient, and timeless products for people’s homes that reflect their personalities and way of living.   Collected Interiors Book The Step by Step Guide   This collection is composed of 8 step-by-step design books. From these, 7 are exclusively about one home division and how to decorate it with the latest product design trends – living & dining rooms, bathrooms, bedrooms & closets, hall & entryways and kitchens – and 1 with all the previous…

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