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art deco revival


Interior Design Trend For 2019: Deco Revival

Deco Revival – Deco Revival is an explosion of brass, opaline, and velvet in a very creative way. It’s all about having fun and forgetting what’s common while rediscovering what’s essential. Today, Best Design Books bring to you Deco Revival Trend, with simplified forms, daring colors and marked geometry. Take a look:   With an art deco inspiration, Vincent is a timeless example of good taste. With a white marble base and a body handmade in solid walnut, it is the amount of detail that went into building this mid-century credenza that makes it unique. Staying true to the mid-century modern style, Marco armchair brings an uncommon round shape with curvy and comfortable arms. With a very natural and sleek look, as comfortable as it can get, this accent chair strays true to its origins. This armchair brings the velvet goodness of the bestsellers, high-quality craftsmanship and an identity of its own. It is perfect for any living room or bedroom corner, a love seat that brings comfort and coziness for two. Kleopatra, a carpet inspired by ancient Egypt, not only for the chromatic choice but also for the linear and rigid graphics that served as the basis of language throughout history….

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Be Inspired by 3 Design Moodboards Based on the Art Deco Movement

  The Art Deco Trend is rather influential in the world of interior design, inspiring especially textile and furniture design. Art Deco is the new mid-century modernism interior trend. As one of the most inspiring, opulent and glamorous periods in design history, hints of Art Deco are popping up in detailing on tables, chairs, lighting and the mixed metals trend also give a nod to the style. Today, the Best Design Books blog will show you a trinity of design moodboards that are based on this incredibly artistic movement.       First, let’s talk a bit about the origins of this trendy style. The Art Deco movement had its inception in the 1920s and 1930s in France. Here, the style was used in a combination of newly developed materials and luxurious ones, from ivory to mahogany as well as shagreen, chrome, and plate-glass.       A few years later, the movement made its way to America where artists and architects celebrated the idea of modern life through their use of new materials and emphasis on luxury.         With the dawn of Art Deco, furniture and decor moved beyond just function and transformed into sculptures that mimicked architecture. It was all…

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