Must-Have Interior Design Book: Dior and His Decorators – “Dior and His Decorators: Victor Grandpierre, Georges Geffroy, and the New Look” is one of the newest and most thrilling interior design books that will be released tomorrow by Vendôme. This exceptional publication was written by the renowned historian Maureen Footer.

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In this unique publication, Footer narrates the story of how three individuals completely change the narrative of French classicism and the way of life in Paris in the late 1940s: Christian Dior, Victor Grandpierre and George Geoffrey. In this phenomenal book, the historian Maureen Footer narrates the work of the trio while also showcasing vintage photographs that help illustrate their journey.

Dior made its debut into the Haute Couture world in 1947 becoming one of the most sought-after and appealing brands in the world. Interior designers, Grandpierre and Geffory offered a new aesthetic to the world after such a trying period of time, combining refined traditions of the past with the elegant trends of the modern time.

The first couture house of Dior was actually designed by Grandpierre who created the elegant and restrained look of the salons as well as the template for the Dior brand. Both designers who worked independently also designed the interiors of Dior’s townhouse. Grandpierre and Geffory affirmed that “design had to respond to how we live … Not to mention that it should be beautiful, glamorous, and sensuous, too.” disclosed Maureen Footer. This book is certainly a must-read and gives you perspective on the work and different styles and philosophies of these two designers who better the interior decoration scene in Paris.

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