The Instagram released a book with the intention of inspiring and helping brands to have a greater impact on your audience.


The book The Instagram Handbook for Brands talks about top ten brands that ” post incredibly engaging content” , such as Disneyland, Patagonia and Chobani . These brands can show their unique identities and lifestyles through captivating and inspiring images.




“When it comes to brands and businesses, our goal is to help companies reach their respective audiences through captivating imagery in a rich, visual environment” said Instagram.

With the aim of helping marketers to communicate the marks in a way more creatively and obtain better results Instagram on your Tumblr will create a series of articles with valuable communication tips.” Tools and tips to help marketers engage and inspire on Instagram. “

The tips include be true to your brand, share experiences, find beauty everywhere , inspire action and know your audience

Instagram could be for some brands a unique platform to build an audience.

It’s easier said than done , but if you do not try you’ll never know!