Free Ebook: Dining and Kitchen Ideas – A starting point coming from our intellect, emotions or prompt action… these are all paths we internally build to create what we call Inspiration. It is a process, a way of living to achieve what we aim for. If there was a path to bring innovation and ideas, what would it be? Anything can inspire us, but with the amount of information we are exposed to nowadays, our mind can simply get overwhelmed.

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A book by itself can be a unique product, open to multiple interpretations and an inspiration tool to different people in many different ways. But a book can also be a technical tool, simply organised, to help you bring your ideas into life. Covet House has the purpose of inspiring the design community with its new collection of inspirational books. This collection is one of the most powerful tools to boost creativity amongst the interior design community. This collection is composed of a series of different books for each room division. Every book has a deeper exploitation of ideas and a wide range of styles. This book contains hundreds of ideas for Kitchens and Dining Rooms selected by a team of interior designers who as searched for projects all over the world. It is a blend of projects from renowned interior designers and a combination of materials from the most luxurious and exquisite brands.



Food nurtures the mind, body and soul. The Kitchen is by many considered to be the heart of the home, a place of bonding experiences. The dining room serves the continuation of this experience. Although different cultures have different ways of interacting with these spaces, generally the kitchen and the dining room should be designed to be welcoming and conducive for people to come together. These are rooms in which you can make a real statement, whether about your cooking skills or your personal tastes.

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The interior design of a dining room or a kitchen has to be capable of combining functionality with aesthetics. However, we can emphasize the practicality part in the kitchen and the aesthetics in the dining room. Take into consideration your decor, your lifestyle and how frequently you will use the space when you’re planning a layout. The harmonious synthesis between innovation and tradition meets here in an exclusive and sophisticated gathering of the classic and modern design in dark tones.

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