Book Review: Nomad Deluxe, Wandering With A Purpose

Book Review: Nomad Deluxe, Wandering With A Purpose – “We were all nomads once,” declares noted travel writer Herbert Ypma. Nomad Deluxereawakens this deep-seated universal desire to jump on a plane, train, or boat and escape to the most distant reaches of the globe. From the remote Siwa Oasis in Egypt to the rugged Adirondacks, from a frigid ice hotel in the Arctic Circle to the craters of the arid Atacama Desert, and from the Aeolian Islands to Zighy Bay and everywhere in between, this book is an authentic guide to being a modern-day nomad in the know, to experience these thrilling adventures armed with the expertise of those who have already left their footprints. Discover Ying Yang, the wave phenomenon caused by a reef in the Maldives; follow a Berber guide across the Atlas Mountains; and explore new and exotic travel destinations never before imagined. Ypma’s well-informed commentary and gripping anecdotes make Nomad Deluxe an inspiring read. One look at his remarkable original photography, and suitcases will practically pack themselves. See also: Book Review: The Architect’s Home Herbert Ypma, author of theHip Hotels travel series, was a nomad before he knew what the word meant. Growing up in Europe, North…

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