Best Design Books: Valentino Garavani

This Collector’s Edition of Valentino Garavani – Una grande storia italiana is limited to 2.000 numbered copies, each numbered and signed by Valentino Garavani, finished in setalux book cloth with six-color silkscreen printin and comes in a clamshell box finished in silk cloth, especially tinted in Valentino red! Can you imagine this wonder of fashion books? Let’s check the book review! Think Valentino: think luxury. Think elegance. Think red carpet. Fashion’s most beloved upholder of refined decadence and the most exciting couturier in business is known around the globe simply by his first name. Only a few years after opening his fashion house in Rome in 1959, Valentino was already at the height of success, counting Elizabeth Taylor, Jackie Kennedy, and Audrey Hepburn among his devotees. Over forty years later, not much has changed—he’s still dressing the top celebrities, from Gwyneth Paltrow to J.Lo, though now his business is a major economic force in Italy and his fashion house is among the most famous in the world. Valentino has always designed clothes for glamorous and sophisticated women, never wavering from his signature style even when grunge, deconstruction, and other passing fads were all the rage. Though his couture division almost never…

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