Book Review: Ceramics, Portugueses do It Better

Book Review: Ceramics, Portugueses do It Better – Portuguese Ceramics, Tradition and Innovation is a book that shows how Portuguese ceramics drives the global market. This is a look into the tradition and innovation of Portuguese ceramics, with a focus not only on the assets, but also on the feelings and the centuries-old history of the national ceramic companies. This is a history that goes through the art and the know-how of the people who shape the raw material and make the Ceramic Industry perennial. See the Book Now! The new communication project, recently released by APICER – Portuguese Association of Ceramic and Glass Industries, is a showcase of the best that Portugal has to offer in the international market. The current challenges faced by the European Ceramic Industry, such as unfair competition, push the sector, in particular the Portuguese, to reinvent itself and opt for the necessary differentiation. See also: Book Review: Inspirations Book, Room by Room “As important as the past, is to be able to adopt it with a sense of responsibility in the future, where almost everything is different because that is the law of life. The only similarities are in the challenges that gave us…

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