The Joy of Gems by Bulgari, a Story of Soul and Fire

The Joy of Gems by Bulgari, a Story of Soul and Fire – Bulgari’s exquisite high jewelry creations are conjured from the vibrant color, life, and light of exceptional gemstones, infused with an innate Roman sense of history, and invigorated with an audacious spirit of modernity. The very soul of the Eternal City is encapsulated in Bulgari’s innate sense of classicism, sublime proportions, joyful flair and perfect geometry. Such a distinctive aesthetic is constantly infused with a fresh and a visionary drive for innovation and experimentation. Combining diamonds, precious colored stones, and even ancient coins into lavish creations with unique and exuberant color harmonies, Bulgari jewels embody the quintessence of elegant Italian design. In the rarefied realm of high jewelry, Bulgari crystallizes to perfection its commitment to sublime hand craftsmanship, and its unique distillation of cultural echoes and contemporary creativity, to create captivating precious jewels in a powerfully distinctive style, an inimitable blend of voluptuousness and architectural rigor, a perfect balance of dignity and dynamism. Revering the maison’s rich heritage, the talent of Bulgari’s creative director Lucia Silvestri and her team of designers emerges in perpetuating Bulgari’s sense of adventure balanced with timeless elegance. The search to reveal the soul…

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