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Rem Koolhaas

Book Review: Visionary Architecture in Postwar Japan

Book Review: Visionary Architecture in Postwar Japan

Book Review: Visionary Architecture in Postwar Japan – “Once there was a nation that went to war, but after they conquered a continent their own country was destroyed by atom bombs… then the victors imposed democracy on the vanquished. For a group of apprentice architects, artists, and designers, led by a visionary, the dire situation of their country was not an obstacle but an inspiration to plan and think… although they were very different characters, the architects worked closely together to realize their dreams, staunchly supported by a super-creative bureaucracy and an activist state… after 15 years of incubation, they surprised the world with a new architecture—Metabolism—that proposed a radical makeover of the entire land… Then newspapers, magazines, and TV turned the architects into heroes: thinkers and doers, thoroughly modern men… Through sheer hard work, discipline, and the integration of all forms of creativity, their country, Japan, became a shining example… when the oil crisis initiated the end of the West, the architects of Japan spread out over the world to define the contours of a post-Western aesthetic….” —Rem Koolhaas / Hans Ulrich Obrist See also: Book Review: Nendo – Interior Design Book from Japan Between 2005 and 2011, architect Rem…

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TOP 10 Libraries Around the World

TOP 10 Libraries Around the World

TOP 10 Libraries Around the World – Reading, for the sake of knowledge or enjoyment, or to explore the world of the human imagination, is one of those experiences that gives you a sense of emotional and spiritual richness quite different from economic or monetary well-being. In this sense, the act of creating a space that surrounds you with books is undoubtedly linked to the creation of a new, enriched sense of public values. Libraries have been the repositories of nations’ accumulated knowledge and the epicenters of their culture. More than being big buildings containing books, are important landmarks designed with impressive architecture and filled with symbolic art. Below is a short of the best libraries in the world for me! I hope you enjoy! 1.Parque Biblioteca España, MEDELLÍN, COLOMBIA In 2005, Colombian architect Giancarlo Mazzanti, whose firm is based in Bogotá, was awarded two public commissions by way of open competition, and has designed a pair of libraries, one in the neighborhood of La Ladera, the other the Parque Biblioteca España, whose striking, unorthodox form sits in stark contrast to the makeshift architecture around it in Santo Domingo Savio barrio. Completed in 2007 at a total cost of about…

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