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Piet Boon Styling

Interior Design

Book Presentation: Piet Boon Styling by Karin Meyn with Video

Piet Boon Styling by Karin Meyn is the fourth and latest edition to the internationally renowned book series by the multidisciplinary Amsterdam based design studio of the same name. But what’s in a number? It’s the inspiration that counts! The Book Presentation by Piet Boon was in Milan, Italy. Check the video! For this latest edition Creative Director Interior & Styling, Karin Meyn, selected eight extraordinary design creations. A mix of product, private and corporate total concept project gems that share the same creative signature. Showcasing how Studio Piet Boon has grown creatively and continued to develop itself over the last years. A glimpse of the studio’s versatile portfolio depicting the philosophy of perfectly balancing functionality, aesthetics and individuality. See also – Book Review: The Tale Of Tomorrow Selecting projects for the Studio Piet Boon inspiration book was a journey by itself. As every artist should stop and pause to reset and be inspired, we sat down with our clients to reflect on how they experience the surroundings we created. It is with tremendous thanks to clients that the design team was able to do what they do. Infusing with energy and possibilities, they allow to listen, see, feel and most important, create. Beautifully formatted and…

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Book Review Piet Boon - StyLing by Karin Meyn
Interior Design

Book Review: Piet Boon – StyLing by Karin Meyn

Piet Boon Styling is a large, wonderfully finished, and luxurious book. Both inspirational and practical, the book is the first to reveal the secrets of Piet Boon Styling. This lavishly illustrated book is a source of inspiration for all adepts of the recognizable Piet Boon style. Creative Director Karin Meyn has composed practical checklists and shares unique tips and tricks to decorate and style the different rooms of a house and beyond: living room, bedroom, kitchen, office. Piet Boon Styling is a practical manual for those who want to give their own touch to an interior. Karin Meyn has been a creative director for Piet Boon for the past 25 years. This multifunctional design studio has become a renowned international luxury brand with a versatile portfolio. With her special gift to combine different forms and colors and her passion for art, beautiful fabrics and other materials, she is the brain behind the atmosphere and the relaxed, stylish allure of the brand. Together with her team, she constantly tries to find those specific objects that enrich her many projects. She has also developed her own accessory line. Piet Boon is one of the most relevant and iconic designers of our time, and…

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