Free Ebook: 100 Modern Living Room Ideas

Free Ebook: 100 Modern Living Room Ideas – Get ready to see great living room ideas with a modern toutch. Bets Design Books brings to you another amazing free ebook that will help you to make a great home decor. A modern livingroom decoration that has the toutch of Covet House. A moder living room decoration by Covet House. WALES sofa was designed to provide the same feeling of protection. Mosques are majestic architectural works, places for pilgrimage and spiritual cult. Inspired by this, is MECCA side table, whose brass columns resemble the architectural heritage from the mosques, believing in this way that all piece sparkles from inside to outside. A tribute to Mother Earth’s heartbeat, NAZCA sideboard reminds the movement triggered by tectonic plates that involve us in an exquisite rhythm. ESSEX armchair, a sublime upholstery piece for the most luxurious homes.KOI shares the same sound of the japanese word for love and affection, making the carp also a symbol of love and friendship which will be conveyed to a modern home decor.KAYAN mirror is the perfect complement for creating an exotic home. We dare to say that the star of the picture above is the Coleccionista Bookcase by…

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