Color Trends 2019: Introduce Pepper Stem Into Your Home Decor 

 Pepper Stem –  Pepper Stem is close to a moss or terrarium green, but a bit warmer. With a subdued and natural shade, it irradiates life and incandescent with the sense of a new turn or new beginning. A fresh and lovable color, it was an effortless use in every runway this year. Today, Best Design Books is going to show you how you can introduce pepper stem into your home decor.     FLORENCE STOOL GET PRICE A low stool both fun and practical, and a soft and comfortable solution for your living room. With a cylindrical shape and a cushioned seat upholstered in velvet fabric. MANSFIELD DINING CHAIR GET PRICE Dining has never been so stylish! A functional chair and an accent one. It is supported in a round polished brass base and then finished in velvet all along its iconic low-slung and crescent body. A soft dining chair that will be the delight of all your guests when you invite them over for a feast. LETTER Q GRAPHIC GET PRICE Embellished with a turquoise neon color in the bulbs, this marquee letter light will be the quizzical element in your indoor or outdoor decor. It’s softness its brought…

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