Art Book: The Pedro Almodóvar Archives

Art Book: The Pedro Almodóvar Archives – Sexy and subversive, colorful and controversial, passionate and provocative, the world of Pedro Almodóvar world is unlike any other. Thanks to his remarkably cohesive and consistent œuvre, the Manchegan maverick has become a cinematic brand, his name a byword for the visual opulence, experimentation, and eroticism of post-Franco Spanish cinema. A self-taught auteur, Almodóvar found fame with self-penned, gender-bending plots depicting the often comic misfortunes of junkies, nuns, housewives, whores, transvestites and transsexuals. Praised by critics, championed by fellow film-makers, adored by actors and adorned with international awards, he has become the most successful Spanish film-maker since Luis Buñuel.His films draws on influences as diverse as Douglas Sirk, Frank Tashlin, Andy Warhol and John Waters and simultaneoulsy borrow liberally from, and frequently invert, traditional genres of classic American cinema—including film noir, melodrama and screwball comedy. At the same time, his aesthetic remains unmistakably Iberian, rooted predominantly in the director’s beloved Madrid, exploring Spanish myths and modernity to the rhythms of bolero-laden soundtracks. For this unprecedented Art Edition monograph, Pedro Almodóvar has given TASCHEN complete access to his archives, including never-before-published images, including personal photos he took during filming. The director has personally written…

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