Veranda: The Art of Outdoor Living by Lisa Newsom

Lisa Newsom founded Veranda (a forum for the very best in living well) in 1987 as a showcase for exceptional design, and from the first issue it distinguished itself with lush visual presentations, as well as substance behind the beauty. Respected by the design community, applauded by a discerning readership, and honored with numerous awards. To celebrate the Spring i decided to share with you today Lisa Newsom’s Veranda: The Art of Outdoor Living. This book gives us a look at the outsides of homes. Newsom’s collection of gardens, courtyards, pools and landscapes in many different decor styles is fantastic. In Veranda: The Art of Outdoor Living we can take a private tour of magnificent homes, with their lush gardens, elegant courtyards, and inviting pools set amid breathtaking landscapes. This lavish new book from Veranda magazine offers a wealth of ideas for exceptional outdoor rooms and spaces, all created by the world’s best designers. Get inspired! How to Create a Reading Nook:

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