New York: The Opulent Empire Penthouse By Brabbu

Opulent Empire Penthouse – The Opulent Empire Penthouse is our new project with HOME’SOCIETY Studio. After already creating homes in Paris, Madrid, and London, it is high time to explore the big apple, the city of dreams, the unique New York. Located in Midtown, Billionaires Row, the Opulent ‘Empire’ Penthouse has the best views over the iconic Central Park and the entire city. The Opulent Empire Penthouse Uncover a Modern Luxurious World Standing tall over the city, the ‘Empire’ Penthouse is located in a slim, elegant, and architectural wonder of a building. For a uniquely designed Penthouse, we needed a uniquely designed building, so choosing this one in Midtown, New York, seemed like the right choice, making us feel on the top of the world. The Opulent ‘Empire’ Penthouse has two rooms, a bedroom and an office, one full-service bathroom, and one service bathroom. Owned by a high-class businesswoman, this penthouse is filled with light, high-end modern design, and uniquely amazing views.   The Opulent Empire Penthouse Exploring the Penthouse As soon as we enter the penthouse, through one of two private elevators, we are greeted by a world of marble, soft tones and textures, and natural light coming from the open-space, common area. This common area consists of a kitchen, the living…

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