How To Bring New York Fashion Week Into Your Home Decor

New York Fashion Week  – New York Fashion Week marks the start of a month-long sartorial spectacle as designers showcase their latest creations to editors, buyers, and influencers. From the biggest trends to the most covetable collections, Best Design Books decided to show you how to bring New York Fashion Week Into your home decor. Take a look:     NEUTRAL COLORS These sublime shades are often regarded as the great colors that do not oversaturate a space and actually complement really well other colors. There are endless possibilities to create a marvelous interior design using neutral tones because they never go out of style. BIOPHILIA Nature is too beautiful to be kept outside so why not bring it to be part of your home decor? Plants and biophilic design is truly expected to reach its pinnacle within this year. No longer will it simply be “fashionable” to incorporate a pot plant here and there in the design, but the embedding of biophilia into the design philosophy and culture will extravagantly evolve into innovative and sustainable designs. FLORAL PATTERNS Floral Twist Trend is here to inspire us with the power of nature! Floral prints and patterns can be seen pretty much everywhere these days in some shape or form. Be it accent pillows, beautiful…

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