Interior Design

A mix of interior design and nature in A Colorful Home

Creative lively palettes from every room, that’s what Susan Hable offers to you in this amazing book full of ideas. Susan Hable  is the author and one of the most talented interior designers when it comes to use the colors. Rinne Allen, a photographer based in Athens, was the photographer and John Derian, a New York based artisan, wrote the foreword of this interior design book. Color combinations from nature and art in an inspiring interior design book.  Interior designers have a unique way to look to our daily ambiences and holds unexpected color combinations that can be unique when  incorporated into the design of a home.  Susan Hable is amazing showing us how to discover color in the everyday, creating dynamic palettes for stunning interior spaces. The book A Colorful Home is perfect to teach interior designers how to  decorate in a colorful way, inspired by natural hues of autumn leaves or bright confetti . With a luscious photography, A Colorful Home is the perfect tool to interior designers know how to transform the colors and bring them to life in amazing rooms. _______________________________________________________________________ You may also like: THE CRAFT AND THE MAKERS * GESTALTEN NEW RELEASE _______________________________________________________________________ Susan Hable…

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