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Moodboards: Get Interior Design Inspirations Using Natural Materials

The use of natural materials is going to be the biggest interior design trends for this year and, as you see, it can be done in any part of the house. Trendbook has created a stunning moodboard that features some of the best materials one should keep an eye out for when selecting the furniture designs for their home interiors, including terracotta, pearls, gold, feathers, coal, marble and wood. Now, the Best Design Books blog will let you know a bit more about this type of materials as well as give you a few interior design inspirations.     Always with gold accents and contemporary style present. With some inspiration in a nature theme, you have bamboo accents and wooden stools. Wood is a detail that gives the natural look while always maintaining the luxuriousness. Mirrors can bring more light to the room too.     Environmental awareness has been on the rise in every single aspect of our lives, and interior design is no exception. Designers and homeowners alike have been embracing the eco-friendly trend and natural materials have been prevalent in interior design in the past few years. Besides being good for the environment, these materials are good for…

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