Uncover a Moodboard that Displays Monochromatic Black at Its Finest

Entire collections with black/ebony finishes are appearing in the market in order to meet costumers’ sudden demand. Interiors in monochromatic black is a trend that will be dominating in 2019. Black is often seen as a seductive, powerful and authoritative color that can evoke lots of strong emotions. In this article, the Best Design Books blog will show you a series of furniture designs that feature black as its main color, so let’s take a look.     “Black is the color of the hidden, the secretive and the unknown, creating an air of mystery” – Atelierii + Just Make Design (Taiwanese firm in Taipei”.       Monochromatic interiors can be a dangerous choice, but if done right they can actually be one of the easiest palettes to decorate a division. For a monochromatic room to work, one has to use various tints and shades of the same color while mixing various textures and materials in order to keep things interesting, if done wrong, the final result will be a bit tedious and monotonous.         Black is a color that usually brings a serene yet shockingly elegant tone to one’s home decor. It is also a glamorous…

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