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mid-century furniture

mid-century modern style Mid-Century Modern Style: The Essentials To Master It  mid century modern style essentials master it 1
Interior Design

Mid-Century Modern Style: The Essentials To Master It 

Mid-Century Modern Style – The mid-century modern style was popularized during the 1940s and has yet to leave the mainstream gaze – for good reason. Defined by clean lines, organic forms, minimal ornamentation, and high functionality, the style has an undeniably timeless appeal. Join Best Design Books and discover how to use the mid-century modern style in your home decor with Carlo Donati‘s new furniture collection for Essential Home.     The new mid-century modern collection by Carlo Donati and Essential Home combines the best of both worlds, or in this case, inspirations. It is not only a tribute to the great Italian architecture and design legends but also a representation of Palm Springs’ mid-century modern architecture and design culture with its taste for bright colors and the typical upholstery with geometric patterns. ALBERTO TABLE  Named after one of the best Italian cinema personalities (Alberto Sordi), the smooth curvilinear lines of the wooden legs of this unique furniture piece take inspiration from the architectural shapes of Oscar Niemeyer’s concrete structures. VITTORIO SIDEBOARD These same curvilinear lines are found in the sophisticated design of the Vittorio sideboard, named after the great Vittorio Gassman. The combination of the wooden black lacquered H shaped legs with a walnut wood body and recessed golden handles, recall the lines of a blooming…

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mid-century furniture Discover Here How To Choose The Perfect Rounded Mid-Century Furniture  discover choose perfect rounded mid century furniture

Discover Here How To Choose The Perfect Rounded Mid-Century Furniture 

Mid-Century Furniture  – Mid-century is like a time-traveling experience made of vintage-inspired pieces for intimate ambiances. Here colors must be striking, lines must be eye-catching and textures must be soul-stirring. This is what happens when interior design goes legendary. Today, Best Design Books decided to show you the best-rounded mid-century furniture for your home decor.   HERA ARMCHAIR BY BRABBU The Temple of Hera is one of the most magnificent examples of iconic Greek architecture. Fully upholstered in cotton velvet, Hera Armchair embodies this magnificence. This channel-tufted chair is an exquisite example of chair design and will instantly transform a modern living room set. GET THE PRICE: AUDREY RUG BY ESSENTIAL HOME Audrey Rug is a contemporary low pile rug that features a mesmerizing pattern of colored triangles. It uses a synthetic fiber called Tencel and it is produced using a cut and loop technique. The bright vivid colors mix with the abstract geometric pattern to produce an amazing rich indoor rug. GET THE PRICE: SIMONE BY DELIGHTFULL Simone wall lamp has a sleek, utilitarian design that brings a vintage flair to mid-century modern interiors. With a glossy white shade and a textile red wire, the vintage wall light fits in with a wide array of color schemes and styles. The three…

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mid-century chairs Mid-Century Chairs For Your Home Decor Mid Century Chairs For Your Home Decor

Mid-Century Chairs For Your Home Decor

Mid-Century Chairs – Danish-inspired mid-century chairs will add an accent of chic style to your bedroom, living room, or any room in your home. Join Best Design Books and discover the best amazing mid-century chairs for your home decor.   ELLEN DINING CHAIR A fanciful dining chair full of luxurious features that will bring personality and uniqueness to your dining room. It is upholstered in velvet and has mixed tones both on the back and the round cushioned pad. Extremely sculptured, and it contrasts with the slim legs made of polished brass. GABLE BAR CHAIR Feel like you’re sitting on cotton candy or a cloud with this perfect mid-century bar chair. Gable features a shiny round base and a footrest in polished brass, with a fixed height of 1m. It is fully upholstered in cotton velvet and features a super stylish design, with an accent low back and a cylindrical shape. KELLY BAR CHAIR Inspired by the sculpted arches from the bar in the classic movie Casablanca, it’s a timeless and unforgettable piece. Besides being stylish, it is made to be comfortable and stand the test of time. The body is a full piece of polished brass and features a low back,…

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london glam London Glam: Industrial, Elegant And Edgy london glam industrial elegant edgy

London Glam: Industrial, Elegant And Edgy

London Glam – London is known for being one of the most iconic cities in the entire world, it’s one of the most important centers for business, fashion, and design! And today, Best Design Books is going to show you some amazing mid-century table for your home decor that will give a London look to your home decor.     GRACE ARMCHAIR GET PRICE It is an outstanding piece with a moody and delicate nature that makes this an irresistible armchair. Using a rich velvet upholstery, Grace Armchair has a layered composition, combining a polished brass base with a solid back made of ebony wood. The mid-century turned modern armchair features a unique design that is highly inspired by the armchairs of the ’50s and ’60s. JANIS BAR TABLE GET PRICE A pub table inspired by mid-century modern design.  Crafted from Verde Guatemala marble and a solid polished brass leg, it is supported by a round marble base. Its green tone adds a timeless look to the table that can be used as a bar table on living space or a vintage cocktail party. BAUGHMAN BAR CART GET PRICE Sipping on a cocktail next to your bar cart never looked so good with Baughman, a mid-century bar…

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art deco Art Deco: The Mid-Century Trend Your Living Room Needs art deco the mid century trend living room needs

Art Deco: The Mid-Century Trend Your Living Room Needs

Art Deco – The Art Deco Trend is rather influential in the world of interior design, inspiring especially textile and furniture design. Art Deco is the new mid-century modernism interior trend. As one of the most inspiring, opulent and glamorous periods in design history, hints of Art Deco are popping up in detailing on tables, chairs, lighting and the mixed metals trend also give a nod to the style. Join Best Design Books and discover everything about this design trend:       DANDY SIDEBOARD Sleek and stylish, the Dandy Sideboard truly embodies the best from Scandinavian design roots. Since it is very versatile, it can be used as a drinks cabinet and be placed both in a living or dressing room. Its body is entirely made of solid walnut wood and it resembles a kitsch radio because of its shape and the use of grill cloth on the doors. GET PRICE   REEVES CHAIR An accent chair that could easily be considered a piece of futuristic furniture, due to its edgy and stylish design. The chair-back and legs are made of a tubular brass structure, simulating a crescent bow on the back. Finished with single loose cushions, both on the seat and back. GET…

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mid-century furniture Mid-Century Furniture For Your Walk In Closet mid century furniture walk closet

Mid-Century Furniture For Your Walk In Closet

Mid-Century Furniture – Walk in closets are one of the most practical divisions in the modern household. An intimate and elegant space, which holds valuable personal belongings and outfits which best represent their users. The ritual of dressing, putting on a tie or applying make-up and a dash of perfume, is essential to get into the right mindset. Join Best Design Books and discover how you can decorate that luxury space with mid-century furniture.   HERMES SOFA BY BRABBU In Greek Mythology, Hermes is the God of boundaries, travel, and communication. This was the inspiration behind HERMES Sofa, a living room sofa upholstered in cotton velvet and legs in polished brass. It is a statement mid-century modern sofa capable of transforming any room, especially your walk-in closet. IKE FLOOR LAMP BY DELIGHTFULL Ike is a Mid-Century Modern Floor Lamp. This floor lamp has two adjustable vertical arms, holding three bulb black shades. This Mid-Century modern Lamp is a very elegant, refined and sophisticated lamp. SIMONE SCREEN BY KOKET Gentle curves of dark bronze undulate to create the Simone screen’s charismatic form. A bold yet subtle work of art, Simone’s soft panels of upholstery and elegant panes of antique mirror are sure to bring the allure…

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indigo blue Color Trends 2019: Introduce Indigo Blue Into Your Home Decor Color Trends 2019 Introduce Indigo Blue Into Your Home Decor

Color Trends 2019: Introduce Indigo Blue Into Your Home Decor

Indigo Blue – Indigo Blue is here to stay! In interior design, this bright shade of blue can be used to create a clean statement, you don’t necessarily have to paint a whole living room with indigo blue, you can try to accessorize with a few inky blue details. Thinks pillows, vases, flowers, even an armchair. Mix it up with different styles and dimensions to create depth in your room and see it all come together. Today, Best Design Books is going to show you how you can introduce this interior design trend into your home decor.     The iconic Mansfield chair is our ultimate mid-century modern masterpiece you’ll want to have in your home.  Combining the velvet retro touch with the 60’s sleek lines, it is an accent barrel chair atop a sophisticated swivel polished brass base. SOPHIA SOFA Sophia is a particular bench seat sofa that draws inspiration from the aesthetics of Mid-century Modern Design. It is upholstered in velvet and stitched from the top to the bottom. The base is made of gold plated brass and it has button tufted sides. The slight degree reclining turns it into a lounge sofa, and the pastel customizable colors are…

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70s style decor Travel In Time With 70s Style Decor  Travel In Time With 70s Style Decor

Travel In Time With 70s Style Decor 

 70s Style Decor –  Right now in home design and even fashion, it feels like a total ’70s takeover. This time period had two pretty distinct things going on—boho hippie vibes and glam, glitzy disco feels, which means you can probably find a way to work something ’70s into your home no matter your aesthetic. For that reason, Best Design Books is going to show you how you can introduce this amazing design trend that will make you travel in time into your home decor. Take a look:   CHARLOTTE ARMCHAIR A contemporary and modern armchair with a touch of vintage and retro is just what you need and exactly what you’ll find in this piece. With a unique and stunning design, Charlotte stuns in its beautiful customizable textile and polished brass and glossy black legs. It might be the mid-century inspiration, it could be the simple but sleek lines, perhaps even the textile and materials, but no one can resist this armchair. BAUGHMAN BAR CART Sipping on a cocktail next to your bar cart never looked so good with Baughman, a mid-century bar cart with a stunning design you won’t resist. With Baughman, anything is possible. This bar cart…

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mid-century tables Interior Design Trends 2019: Mid-Century Tables For Your Home Decor  Interior Design Trends 2019 Mid Century Tables For Your Home Decor 1140x287

Interior Design Trends 2019: Mid-Century Tables For Your Home Decor 

Mid-Century Tables – Madrid interior design is a great idea if you want a theme that is sophisticated and classy, while still maintaining a homely and relaxing atmosphere. And today, Best Design Books is going to show you some amazing mid-century table for your home decor that will give a Madrid look to your home decor.   BERTOIA ROUND DINING TABLE A modern dining table with a capacity for 8 people, Bertoia is a majestic statement piece for any dining room. If the dark marble of this stunning dining table wasn’t enough to make this the design fit for your home décor, the golden ring on the middle of the countertop gives it an even more refined touch. A piece with unmistakable trendy materials and a design that is sure to stun you, Bertoia is a homage to design itself. BERTOIA BAR TABLE A modern bar table perfect for a luxurious bar, with a round shape that is not only trendy but extremely enticing. Designed purely of dark marble, this is a majestic bar table with incredible potential to bring out the best in your home bar decor. BERTOIA BIG DINING TABLE A modern dining table with a capacity for…

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