This Moodboard Truly Reflects the Essence of the Maximalist Design

The maximalist design stands for an aesthetic of excess and redundancy and it is the opposite of the minimalist design style. Here, more certainly is more. When it comes to interior design, spaces that were designed having this style into consideration often are extremely opulent, decorated, incredibly rich in colors, materials and texture, not to mention that patterns can be seen everywhere. Today, the Best Design Books blog explores yet another design moodboard that best reflects this style!       “Maximalism is the epitome of the passion, power and joy that can be expressed through a room, and is a much-needed switch up from the long-serving minimalism, boho and farmhouse norms” – Marilynn Taylor (interior designer)         Maximalism is all about bringing lots of colour, textures and patterns and make them all work cohesively into an interior, achieving a somewhat vibrant and elected style instead of a cluttered and chaotic one.       If you always wanted to introduce this type of design style to your decor but you are fearful that it will be too much, just start out in small doses, add, for example, colorful cushions in clashing tone such as hot pink and…

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