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Open Concept Bathroom Is The New Trend You Will Want To Follow

Written by Joana Dias Open Concept Bathroom     Open Concept Bathroom consists of opening the bathroom to the rest of the rooms in order to create more space. I know it’s bizarre thinking about a bathroom without walls or doors and our privacy is definitely an important issue, but the truth is that showering and getting ready in the open air is incredible. For that reason, Best Design Books we are going to show you how this all open concept works and hope you feel inspired by some of the design inspiration we are about to show! The open concept bathroom has become extremely popular nowadays. Bedrooms with freestanding bathtubs or contemporary glass showers are one of the most popular bathroom remodeling projects that create more spacious and bright rooms. Not only will your new personal area seem more spacious and airy, but you’ll also have more natural light that will permeate your room. If your home has a limited floor area, this concept is the perfect solution because you’ll be able to create an illusion of spaciousness without sacrificing any additional square footage. This interesting interior design trend is commonly found in honeymoon suites, however, it can be found in many homes too. It offers…

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How To Use Matte Black In A Luxury Decor

Written by Magda Sousa Matte Black Finishes     Black is a color that matches everything remaining a color that can still be considered elegant. It brings a unique type of sophistication to furniture. It’s all about elegant and dark vanities in matte finishes that evoke a high-end experience. Today, Best Design Books Blog will show you how you can use this design trend in your luxurious bathroom. Take a look: Matte black is the solution if you are looking for a sleek and exciting new way to decorate your bathroom! There’s nothing quite like a smooth surface to accentuate your minimalist design and bring sophistication into your overall space. Try redecorating your bathroom with a black bathtub or a washbasin. Meanwhile, neutral marble walls will help to pull your overall design together flawlessly. We suggest you the Newton bathtub and the Metropolitan washbasin.  Other than bathtubs, replacing your mirrors or event the lighting of your bathroom can help to usher matte black into your bathroom. The Ring rectangular mirror a precious piece of art with its interior made of refined carved wood as exquisite as its owner. Ideal for a unique and exclusive bathroom reflecting elegance. You can also incorporate the look of black matte décor into your bathroom by painting a…

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