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Luxury Bathrooms

luxury bathroom Luxury Bathrooms: 7 Moodboards That Highlight Amazing Bathtubs  luxury bathrooms moodboards highlight amazing bathtubs 1140x287

Luxury Bathrooms: 7 Moodboards That Highlight Amazing Bathtubs 

  Marble is the main example that comes to mind when talking about this topic! Using white and grey marble is a timeless strategy that allows one to give a classic aesthetic to their bathroom. Stone and porcelain are other materials that are becoming quite dominant in this sector because they add a natural and visual texture to the bathroom. All of these materials bring durability and have a sustainable quality that is increasingly important for customers. Bring raw materials into your home decor with Petra Bathtub, one everlasting exclusive visual experience for the most luxurious bathrooms.

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color trends 2020 Color Trends 2020: Luxury Bathroom Ideas color trends 2020 luxury bathroom ideas
Interior Design

Color Trends 2020: Luxury Bathroom Ideas

Color Trends 2020 – Any luxury bathroom design must follow the main interior design trends when it comes to bespoke furniture or even the color that you choose for the walls. For that reason, Best Design Books decided to show you the color trends that your luxury bathroom needs!     COLOR PLAY Shocking Iced Mango adds a fruitful punch to a pair of cool watery hues, the sweet pink shade Little Piglet and Mystic Violet, a fanciful lilac. These trendy color tones are enhanced by the shiny look of the golden details that are spread across the luxury bathroom design. If you want a stunning accessory that is as stylish as it is beautiful than Maison Valentina‘s  Sapphire mirror is the bathroom vanity of your dreams! SHOP THE LOOK: JOYFUL COLOR TONES  Vibrant color tones with a lot of character, like radiant bossy pink, fall fantasy clash with classic favorites purple pak choi and the blueberry pancake will be accentuated by the lightness of the cool clean white powdered sugar. For example, if you want to create a vibrant bathroom design where blueberry is the star, make sure you balance the design with some light bathroom vanities such as the Petra Towel Rack by Maison Valentina. Hand-carved from a block of Carrara Marble, this exquisite piece materializes the ancient inspirations of the City of Petra into the modern world. SHOP THE LOOK:…

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bathroom interiors Mix Metals Is the Perfect 2019 Design Trend for Bathroom Interiors featured 12 1140x500

Mix Metals Is the Perfect 2019 Design Trend for Bathroom Interiors

Mix Metals Is the Perfect 2019 Design Trend for Bathroom Interiors ⇒ Today, the Best Design Books blog will showcase a unique design moodboard that is inspired by the use of more natural-looking metals. While trends like copper and rose gold may not be as strong as they used to be, chrome and anodized surfaces are bound to quite in fashion for 2019, especially the first one that is the perfect fit with the 2019’s standout colors, all of which just like this metal embody warmer qualities.     Have you heard about the expression mix metals? Well, if you haven’t let’s see … this expression is often used in the design industry when designers combine various metals into a single production, take, for example, silver, gold brass and even iron. This is done so in order to a visual appeal and depth to an interior design space. It also provides more textures and layers to the interiors and this strategy is actually rather effortless and it makes your home quite special.       One division where this can happen beautifully is the bathroom. Chrome is back and as we said before it is the idyllic material to match with…

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