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The Best Of Luxury Design And Craftsmanship Summit 2019

Luxury Design And Craftsmanship Summit 2019 – It’s with much sadness that we say goodbye to the amazing event LDC Summit 2019. During that luxury event, there was a combination of Master Artisans that displayed their art in a live showcase, as well as interesting panels with important figures from the industry! Today, Best Design Books is going to show you everything that you missed.     Day 1 Luxury Design and Craftsmanship Summit 2019 was a very important event for the craftsmanship and luxury design industry. During this event, there were many local arts and crafts, represented by Master Artisans, such as Ceramics, Tiles, Stucco, Sacred Painting, Porcelain Painting, Silver Chiseling, Chiseling, Filigree, Metal Working, Jewelry, Wood Working, Bobbin Lace,  Embedding, Notch, Gilding, Woodwork, Spring Wadding, Wadding, Weaving, Shoemaking, Embroidery from Madeira and Torno. During this event, every attendee could participate through the live showcase of every Master Artisan and also through the dynamic workshop exhibitions. In between those same showcases, there were important panels that discussed many important subjects that are crucial on the luxury design and craftsmanship industry. The first day began with an inspirational opening speech from Amândio Pereira, the CEO of the Covet Group, that kickstarted the 2nd Edition of…

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