There is a luxury world of inaccessible to many of us, however the books have the power to transport us and make feel like we’re living these stories, sharing moments and sensations. It’s true that many of us do not have the luxury of acquiring a seat at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week or private previews at the atelier designer, but a good and descriptive book can lead us to unique experiences. For those fashionistas who devour books here are 10 books that indulge curiosities.This booklist includes a autobiography by legendary Harper ‘s Bazaar fashion editor Diane Vreeland, the Plum Sykes ‘ tongue-in-cheek caricature of the New York fashion world, and the compilation of Karl Lagerfeld ‘s choice words, every title on this list is both informative and deliciously detailed. This list could not leave out the classic Edith Wharton and Truman Capote which capture the essence of New York society. THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA BY LAUREN WEISBERGER We can also refer to this particular novel as Infinite Reasons Not to Work for Anna Wintour — but really, the book delves into the meandering career and personal life of a twentysomething who certainly learns her (style) lesson by working at a top fashion publication. D.V. BY…

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